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Transgender vs. Cisgender: Unemployment Rate Inequality

Imagine for a moment that you finally have the perfect resume for your dream job. You’ve worked your entire life for this feeling of gratification and success. You know you are perfect for this job. You walk into your interview with a high of adrenaline running through your system. While you wait to be called…




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Transgender Military Ban

The Transgender Military ban that President Trump has proposed in the past year effects a little less than 1% of all individuals actively working in the military. It is difficult to find exactly how many transgender people are in the military, but various studies have estimated there are between 2,500 and 15,000 transgender individuals in…



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Transgender’s Rights

There are risks associated with any activity, particularly those that involve transgender male/females and their ability to participate in sports and campus life. Statistics indicated much ethical attention has been devoted to sex segregation and its relation to fairness in the world of sports, with prominent controversies about transgender and intersex athletes helping to advance…

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Mental Treatment Is Unethical for Transgender People

Introduction Many people agree and disagree that transgender people should require mental treatment, how are transgender people mental health affected by treatments and people? Is important in order to be informed and help transgender people feel more accepted, to start making changes that will make transgender people be more supported by the community and for…


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Understanding the Issues and Working with Transgenders 

This article contains why a demographic deserving of consideration is the LGBT community. Second, collecting data on is a hard community, because of the stigma associated with being gay. Many people do not identify as “gay” or “lesbian” because they address the stigma associated with such groups; they tend to classify themselves as “homosexual” or…




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Nursing Care for Transgender Individual

The Evolution of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative started in 2005 and was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It has a principal investigator doctor Linda Cronenwett, who is designated as a Fellow of the American Association of Nursing (FAAN) and dean of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of…

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Transgender Discrimination

Transgender individuals face a multitude of unique obstacles in their daily lives. It’s an argument that holds troubling conditions that needs to be addressed. It is not uncommon for transgender to include youth to face condemnation from family members, co-workers and friends after they come out as well as society. They struggle to get the…




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Living with Transgender: Human Equality

Transgender have been living around us for years. Whether we notice it or not, the society does not accept this community though most of them claimed that they do. The sad truth is, this minor community is always being discriminated, harassed and mistreated due to their different ideology and sex orientation. I strongly demand that…


Human rights,


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Transgender Athletes in the Track and Field Community

Because the term transgender, commonly referred to as Trans, has come into a widespread use only in the past couple of decades, the official meaning to transgender is still under construction. Meaning that the definition to transgender can mean several different things to several different people. According to Susan Stryker an “amazing author, Associate Professor…



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Ban of Transgender Participation in the U.S. Military

The legal ban on transgender participation in the military is reversing the transformation of former President Barack Obama’s opening of armed services to transgender people and reversing the civil rights that have existed in the United States for many years. Trump’s ban is a direct attack on minority civil rights. More perspectives on changes in…



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There is a huge transgender community in the world, and in many countries, they live miserable life. They are also considered the most neglected segment of society, and it is the need of the hour to work for them globally. Do you want to write a Transgender essay? Are you finding difficulties in finding data against this topi? There is no need to get worried about this, as we will provide you with the most relevant data covering all the dimensions for the topic. By studying the data, you can easily write a transgender rights essay that will be highly informative for all readers. Once you are ready to write, just visit our page and read all the available samples to get the authentic information. After reading, you will find yourself in a comfortable position to write an essay about transgender. We need a little time of yours to make the whole research.

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