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Issues of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

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Peace Corps

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John F. Kennedy as a Founder of Peace Corps

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Peace Corps


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Peace Corps



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John F. Kennedy as a Founder of Peace Corps


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The Peace Corps is a volunteer program made by a United States government association with the same name. It was set up in 1961 by a pioneering demand from President John F. Kennedy. Until now the Peace Corps has sent in excess of 235,000 volunteers to serve in 141 countries. The inspiration for the Peace Corps was a social event called Operation Crossroads Africa. It was set up by Reverend James H. Robinson.

The inspiration driving the Peace Corps is “to propel world congruity and association”. U.S. citizens who are fundamental for the organization travel to other countries. They serve people and social events in various nations that need skilled volunteers.

Peace Corps volunteers generally have proficient training. They moreover complete a three-month planning program. Then, they go to various countries and work there. At the completion of two years, they can leave the Peace Corps or solicitation for an expansion of administration.

Peace Corps Work 

What occupations do Peace Corps people do? According to peace corps essays and many other sources, they consistently help with preparing, developing, and cultivating other volunteers. They in like manner work for ending hunger and help the environment. Various volunteers work with governments or schools. Others help non-advantage affiliations or private associations.

Through their work, Peace Corps volunteers endeavor to meet the three goals of the Peace Corps. The first is to give particular assistance. Second, they help people from various countries to grasp United States culture. Finally, they work to help United States inhabitants to understand other countries’ social orders. And also they help with some social issues other countries have.

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