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Governmental Structure in Lesotho

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Governmental Structure in Lesotho essay
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The Lesotho country is a lawful ruling country under the leader ship of King. In Lesotho a king is a person who ruled their place; their ting is the head of the county unlike in our county we ruled by a president and here a president is elected there a King is born. The government of Lesotho entails of old style and public law. The prime minister is elected by King and he will be in charge the Lesotho government. Minister who is elected by the chief king have his member of cabinet. The Lesotho parliamentary section has two ruling house all members in the house of parliament were 120 seats. Which was 55 seat of Committee, 22 members was full time under the ruling of principal chief and 11 we employed to look at the need and support the community.

The first leader of Lesotho was a wise man who was more interested in Political and social during the period of 19th century. The main objective of the county was to focus on colonial exploration and rational oppression but they managed interest of the county. In their parliament as the support of the government it was led by Chief Justice entail of the court of Appeal as the biggest Court, Magistrate Court and small court at local level. Even the political firmness was reached and attained in 2003; there were still challenges of culture in the country.

Under Assessment of government there were 5 elements that were respected in government and were highlighted in the Bank group Policy. This was Accountability, transparency, combating, corruption, stake holder involvement and legal and judicial framework. With regarding to Lesotho’s financial budgeting tools there was serious deficiency when coming to accountability, nonexistence actual system for monitoring, evaluation and expenditure system. Their tool was old and outdated, there were no Auditors and IT to maintain and update the government system at times. The government account general by that time was very poor and inconsistence their fraction was not balancing and not audited. For the past five years which was between 1996/97 to 2001/01, the Account General was unable to provide with the public account.

In the area space of Procurement, there were still numerous things that were not done proper, it shows that there staff had lack of skills and knowledge. They were using outdated legislative frame work and old method for example the tender process was not followed as per MTEF. There were no exception when they we procuring goods for the government. Any company was offered job without following the outline agreement. There was no three quotation process to consider which company is affordable in order to utilize them. Through the assistance of Public Sector Improvement and Reform Programmed the government of Lesotho stared to undergo measure by improving their financial management system. For the country to survive the following was put in practice; by developing and implementing combined planning and budgeting based on MTEF method, by firming Account General Office through regrouping and arranging expects to train and educate the staff member on how best they do their work and by buying new financial management tools. Management was training on how to lead their respective cabinets. New tool that were replaced some were assisting of fast tracking procurement system and to introduce normal procurements documentation, decentralize procurement functions in order to be in line with minister objective and convert CTB to a regular body.

Stakeholder participation: Lesotho has improved steadily by moving from central government to decentralized operation, resource and authority, government to local authority so that there should have enhancement of public service sector encourage general contribution. On the other hand while the government want to bring improvement by decentralization process, GoL encounter serious difficulties when the wanted to implement due to lack of capacity at the ministry of Local government level. There was challenges of monitoring and advises to local authorities and lack of resource of revenue too.

Corruption at Lesotho, the corruption in this country was uncontrollable there were parties that attest to GoL that they tried to fight against this corruption in 2003. Those two parties have amended the policy of corruption which is waiting for the parliament for approval.

Governmental Structure in Lesotho essay

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