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Aviation Safety

How safe are our airports and the equipment that the employees operate from on a day to day basis? It is important that the management properly and effectively trains the staff on the human factors of safety. Runway incursions affect an increased risk of collision for aircraft on the ground. Some common incursions happen when…



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Motor Vehicle Safety

Car technology has been evolving over time in order to make driving safer. Automotive safety can achieve its health targets by 2030 in certain parts of the world. The safety of our roads depends on the devotion of car manufacturers to making products that ensure quality. Throughout the years, automotive designers have continued to construct…

Car Accident,


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Safety System Management

The management system we utilize is built on the Total Safety Management model. It basically incorporates the top to bottom, every employee matters. Also, incorporation of upper management in the decisions made makes a safety system process successful and streamline. The layout of this management process is as follows; Carroll Daniel takes the strict safety…



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Public Transit Safety

Abstract Most Americans have a perception that taking transit is unsafe compared to private means of transportation (Goodwill Et. al, 2012). Majority of Americans view transit as being characterized by accidents and high crime rates. However, statistics have shown that public transit is almost ten times safer than self-driving (Litman, 2018). Transit is also much…



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Analysis of a Patient Safety Problem

In the healthcare profession, communication is key to an efficient and productive work environment. Unlike other industries, poor communication between healthcare workers can lead to harmful consequences for patients who depend on these professionals for their aid. One area where poor communication is common in a hospital setting is between the non-nursing and nursing staffs….

Health Care,



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Full Body Scanners the Key to Public Safety

This essay will discuss the use of full body scanners in airports and their effectiveness. There are many of those who feel as though these scanners are an invasion of privacy and should not be allowed for usage. There have been several acts of terrorism against the United States of America and its people. One…



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Automotive Safety

How much safer can cars get in the future? “Numerous people die every year from a motor vehicle accidents.” Vehicles need to be safer with stronger steel and more sensors. However, people from 16 to 24” of age are more likely to have an accident and the United States spends billions of dollars every year…

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Improved Outcomes from Safety on Profitability and Productivity

Introduction Construction companies have begun to appreciate the benefits of an effective safety program. This paper will look at the affect safety has on productivity and profitability. Safety for quite some time has been viewed as an expensive means to mitigate risk. It has only been in recent years that the focus has changed and…



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Effects of Medication Safety Systems in Hospitals

Thesis Statement Medication safety systems implemented in hospitals have proven beneficial to health care organizations, providers, and patients by reducing medication errors, increasing safety and increasing efficiency. Previous studies have shown that the implementation of medication safety systems in a hospital is associated with a reduction in medication errors (Cochran, Barrett, & Horn, 2016), and…

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Road Safety Analysis

Road safety analyses have traditionally used crash data as direct measure of road traffic safety and counteractions (Tarko, Davis, Saunier, Sayed, & Washington, 2009). The use of crash statistics only does not create an efficient ground in identifying and analysing road safety problem at particular location and then suggest countermeasures (Van der Horst, 1984). Traffic…

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