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Conservatives vs. Liberals in Federal Government of the United States

Conservatives vs. liberals has been a topic of conversation all over the United States in recent years. As someone who has only been registered to vote for a year, I have not been one hundred percent clear on what these terms actually mean. “Liberals believe in government action to achieve equal opportunity and equality for…

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Comparison of Federal and Unitary Governments

This is ironic, traditionally strong states were understood as unitary instead of federal, with power concentrated within the branch. Centralized states were generally considered to be better ready to formulate policy independently and perform specific goals without obtrusion. They were seen as exercising greater control over their populations, ensuring conformity in legal mandates and concentrating…

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Illegal Immigration-Closing the Borders

Abstract Illegal immigration has become a core issue among people to debate. People migrate under pressure of increased unemployment and poverty. Some people cross the border illegally, few seek asylum, and some enter state with proper documentation and stay after the expiration of their visa. This study is conducted to determine how close borders can…

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Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform

Is immigration reform necessary as a solution to America’s economic and illegal immigrants in America? The economic emergency has captured the attention of the Government and the American public, but immigration reform should not be forgotten. “The legislation effort of 2007 failed but Americans should not let it fade from the public eye.” (Davidson) It…

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Illegal Immigration,

Immigration Reform

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Fake News in America 

The quest to satisfy human needs, wants, and desires has been the fuel that has enabled globalization to take off at the pace it currently is going through. In addition, the developments in technology and transportation has enabled the rapid movement of ideas and people from the remotest areas of the Earth. This is what…

Fake News,

Federal government

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First Amendment and Issues of Freedom of Speech

This paper aims to assess the current issues involving our freedoms of speech and how they are being jeopardized. It is clear that our basic rights are progressively being chipped away and I have dissected the rationale as to why this is. Censorship, manipulation, and lack of protection surrounding the first amendment are all contributors…

First Amendment,

Freedom of Speech

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Why Pornography Should Be Protected

Susan Jacoby’s write-up “A First Amendment Junkie” revolved around the spirit of the First Amendment and how it guarantees absolute freedom to the citizens of America. She was candid in her approach and far ahead of her time in the sense of openness. Jacoby emphasized the fact that it was wrong to ban or censor…

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Stanley v. Georgia Court for Right to Use of Pornography

The use of pornogrpahy is extremley common in the 21st century, “35% of all internet downloads are porn related.” It is at the reach of everybody who owns computers or mobile devices, and they are able to watch it whenever they please. While the use of pornography today is accepted, this was not always the…

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Kaepernick’s Protest and Right to Protest

On Sunday, September 24th, 2017, an estimated 130 NFL players were either kneeling, sitting or raising a fist during the pre-game singing of the National Anthem. They were following Colin Kaepernick who, in the 2016 NFL preseason, began to sit during the anthem. He later evolved his protest into kneeling during the anthem. Kaepernick said…


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The Issue of Immigration

In today’s modern era, immigration has become one the most important aspects of any great nation in the world and without immigrants, no nation in the world has survived on its own. Through immigration many nations in the past have achieved enormous economic growth and experienced the diversity of different languages, cultures, races and religion,…

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