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Illegal Immigration-Closing the Borders

Abstract Illegal immigration has become a core issue among people to debate. People migrate under pressure of increased unemployment and poverty. Some people cross the border illegally, few seek asylum, and some enter state with proper documentation and stay after the expiration of their visa. This study is conducted to determine how close borders can…

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Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform

Is immigration reform necessary as a solution to America’s economic and illegal immigrants in America? The economic emergency has captured the attention of the Government and the American public, but immigration reform should not be forgotten. “The legislation effort of 2007 failed but Americans should not let it fade from the public eye.” (Davidson) It…

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Illegal Immigration,

Immigration Reform

Fake News in America 

The quest to satisfy human needs, wants, and desires has been the fuel that has enabled globalization to take off at the pace it currently is going through. In addition, the developments in technology and transportation has enabled the rapid movement of ideas and people from the remotest areas of the Earth. This is what…

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The Issue of Immigration

In today’s modern era, immigration has become one the most important aspects of any great nation in the world and without immigrants, no nation in the world has survived on its own. Through immigration many nations in the past have achieved enormous economic growth and experienced the diversity of different languages, cultures, races and religion,…

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The Constitution Allow our Courts to Seek Light

The constitution allow our courts to seek light when interpreting the bill of rights from the international and foreign laws. It is important to consider other countries jurisprudence before exercising the merits of the case.In Belgium, the high-profile trademark infringement case was held, where the court was asked to strike a balance between the right…

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Institutional Racism

In 2016, 92% blacks in America said that white people benefitted a lot from advantages that black people do not have (Bialik 2018). It was also proven that a majority of people who seem to not think that there is an unfair advantage between the two races also was in support of Donald Trump. The…

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George Washington – First President of the United States

General George Washington served two terms as the first president of the United States. Washington was loved by the American people and was seen in the eyes of many as hero who led the United States into triumph in the American Revolutionary War. Washington was a public figure that was appreciated and valued. The majority…

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Bill Of Rights,


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Individual Freedom in America

Individual freedom is the absence of restraint on our ability to think and act for ourselves. By freedom, Americans mean the desire and the right of all individuals to control their own destiny without outside interference. All Amerчicans believe that they can do and say what they will so long as they don’t hurt anyone—freedom…

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Freedom of Speech

The Philippine Constitution and Human Rights to Health

The Philippine Constitution of 1987 guarantees fundamental human rights to health. The health care system in the Philippines is generally fine, especially that there are upcoming significant reforms related to it. An example of which are as follows: universal and sustainable PhilHealth membership (Filipinos are automatically members now). 20th of February this year, the president…



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History Of American Revolution

It’s 1784 and the Americans, it turns out, have staged a successful revolution. They haven’t lost any land to the British- in fact, they have gained land. Now they must form a government, and the first steps, like any small child’s, are wobbly. Very wobbly. The politicians of the day don’t fully understand the extent…


George Washington,

Revolutionary War,

US History

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