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What Is James Madison Talking About

These are arguably the most important essay. There are many important literature pieces of the constitution to take note of, they are federalist papers ten and fifty one. James Madison begins Federalist paper ten by specifying that one of the strongest arguments in the Constitution is the fact that it establishes a government capable of…



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Waiting for the Collapse: A Liberty Revolution

The world of libertarian thought is far from being insufficient in regards to ideas. Interdisciplinary scholars have emerged all over the world with a vast interest in this doctrine, and have built upon the works of such great scholars as Rothbard and Mises. Rothbard himself was, in fact, an exponent of Mises, and to this…



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Mill- On Liberty

‘The object of this Essay is to assert one very simple principle, as entitled to govern absolutely the dealings of society with the individual in the way of compulsion and control, whether the means used be physical force in the form of legal penalties, or the moral coercion of public opinion. That principle is, that the sole…




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Politics of Chile

Chile is a country that prides itself on its Mestizo background and culture. Like both its culture and people, Chile’s history has a “mixed” composition. From a monarchy to representative democracy, Chile had experienced a broad array of government types. Each ruling government has left its mark on Chile’s population and political ideals. Chile’s complex…

Latin America,


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Latino Politics

Evidently, her experience as an organizer and the position she held within the UFW distinguished her from other Latina women in the movement, as well as rendered her visibility in the public. However, one can clearly see that her recognition as a leader stems from the positions she held as well as the dominance and…

Latin America,


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Women in the United States Politics

Women have progressed a lot over the years. They have fought for the right to vote, equal employment, right to health, freedom of movement, etc. After coming so far and having made so much progress worldwide. One might think that women have accomplished it all, but the fact is that women still get paid less…



United States

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How Humor and Satire Contribute to Pop Politics?

Politics can be harsh—the level of distortion and the lack of new ideas—so the ability to laugh and make jokes makes it more bearable. Whether it’s in memes or just to call something out in a way that’s funny, satire calls everyone a phony—media, politicians, everyone who is popular at the moment. It’s not as…



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Politics is My Passion

Most people who have reached my age have realized that they have a passion. There is something they could talk about for hours with you, something they devote time to and that they accumulate knowledge about. I know what my passion is. So despite the inherently precarious nature of writing this essay about politics, I…


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Media in Politics

The way the news reports stories and integrates communications and political science can be seen daily on television and throughout the media. Newsrooms across America have an interdisciplinary environment. This means that journalists work with experts outside their field to report the news. The main goal of the media is to establish trust with their…



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Political Polarization

Within the six weeks of this class, I have learned so much about politics and have better understanding towards the different themes of the class, and this paper talks about the third theme, which is Political Polarization. As mentioned in Edwards’ Government in America, there is a culture war going on in our country and…


Social Media

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