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Military Professionalism Argumentative Essay

Where does military professionalism start? Firstly the basics that make up military professionalism start within how a soldier respects one another, not just peer to peer, but superior to subordinate. It also derives from the amount of discipline that a soldier has. It has to increase when a soldier is progressed in rank and the…



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Military and Professional Bearing in Army Argumentative Essay

The purpose of this essay is to outline the importance of military and professional bearing in the Army. As pride in self-starts with pride in appearance, Army leaders should always look and act professional. Army regulations and Soldiers on our own creed illustrates how military service members should conduct themselves on a daily basis, on…



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Military Bearing and Military Discipline Argumentative Essay

Napoleon Bonaparte said it best, “If you build an Army of 100 lions and their leader is a dog, in any fight, the lions will die like a dog. But if you build an Army of 100 dogs and their leader is a lion, all dogs will fight like a lion.” Walking amongst the ranks…



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Using Human Shield in Military Necessity

Under IHL, a human shield refers to civilians placed near military objectives in order to deter an attack on combatants or a specific military target; in a sense, human beings are being deployed as a protective technology of modern warfare. In general, there are three types of human shields: voluntary, involuntary, or proximate, but this…



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States Military Should not Intervene to Save Strangers

The question as to whether states should intervene to save strangers is one that has been debated for many years. There are many aspects that need to be examined when researching this question such as the different theories that can be investigated (English School, Realism and Liberalism) as well as factors such as the success…



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Private Military Companies in the United Kingdom and the United States

Private Military Companies are considered by many, such as Percy (2007, p 181) and Francis (1999, p.319) as the successors of historical medieval mercenaries. Since the first modern PMC, WatchGuard International, was established in the United Kingdom in 1967 by former members of the British Special Air Service, the use of PMCS has grown exponentially….

Great Britain,


United States

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Military Law in the Philippines

In 1972, in the Philippines, the president decided to install a military law. This law empowered all to, by then-president, Ferdinand Marcos, and the military. By and by 47 years afterward, many still recall this time simply like the most prosperous time for the Philippines. All that they can remember is what they were thought…




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Mindfulness and Resilience Intervention within Military Training

Within military service there are rising concerns on how servicemen and women are mental trained for handing the strenuous tasks of their call to duty. Studies have shown that service members experience unique stressors, such as deployments and frequent relocations that may impact their risk for suicide (Reimann & Mazuchowski, 2018). Mental health physicians are…




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Law Enforcement Agencies and Military Sectors

In the USA, law enforcement agencies (LEA) and military departments entail the policing department to a large extent. The LEA operates on both local and federal levels, whereby the state agencies act as the state police in investigative sectors and patrolling in the highways within the states, as their creation was mainly to control the…


Law enforcement,


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Effect of Integration of the Armed Forces

Integration in the armed forces was a momentous event in our military and nationality. It is a milestone in the development of the armed forces and the fulfillment of democratic ideals. The postwar pressures generated by the civil rights, movement compelled all the services to re-examine their traditional practice of segregation. Executive Order 9981 had…




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