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What Is Electoral And Illiberal Democracy?

Electoral democracy is a system of government in which every citizen of the society votes to the representatives who has been elected themselves for the election in the society in order to pass laws for them and represent them in the government. For instance, in Afghanistan where the citizens participate in the election and elect…




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Democracy and Mass Media Evolution

Communication is an integral part of the everyday lives of humans. It helps to foster good relationships and disseminate information. Communication can be mediated through communicative devices and technology or through face to face interactions. The evolution of communication to include mass communication and mass self-communication has seen communication as an important aspect of any…



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Making Democracy Work: Civic Traditions in Modern Italy

The book has six chapters in total, ranging from talking about institutions, the Italian devolution experiment of the 1970s, the history of the regions that influences politics and society in Italy to this day, how things work in some ways while not working in other ways, and looking to answer the question of the title…

Book Review,


Political science

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Voting as a Main Part of Democracy

A democratic country, one that only works with involvement from the citizens thrives of what is now as democracy. Democracy only works for the citizens if the citizens vote representatives and politicians in place, making the country run by the people for the people. It has suffered a bad issue of people not voting, past…


Democracy in America,


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Racial Democracy in Brazil

Conflicts about race in Brazil has brought fourth much analysis and research over the years and has allowed individuals to question the ideology that Brazil is a racial democracy. Understanding the main aspects of a racial consensus allows us to analyze it not only as myth or legend, but also as constitutional obligation. The society…


Latin America,

Race and Ethnicity

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Is it Important to Live in a Democracy

How many of you have the habit of just throwing in all the things in the suitcase while packing? Is it not easier? It serves the purpose. But does it help in the long run? How does it end up in the end? All squished, messy, unruly, unorganized. However, if you have the habit of…



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Role Civil Societies in Transitions to Democracy

The indigenous people where the most discriminated since the beginning displaced from their lands, taken away their rights as Rigoberta Menchu declared they were forced to move away into the mountains where they felt safe, families were separated and the role of the women took an important change. Women were involved in the revolutionary arms…


Latin America,

Political science

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Explanation of Democracy Term

Democracy is a form of government that gives power to its people essentially through a systematic representation of their interests. As famously quoted by Abraham Lincoln, Democracy is “The government of the people, by the people, for the people”. Democracy particularly involves collective decision making representing different kinds of groups while giving voice to their…


Political science

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Multilateral Organizations and Constitutional Democracy

A democratic deficit is the difference between an ideal democratic government, as perceived by the citizens, and the actual government itself. The concept originated from debates regarding institutions of the European Union, many of which lacked the levels of accountability and transparency expected from the democratic states they represented. The concern over democratic deficits eventually…




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Examining Democracy and Its Types Argumentative Essay

Democracy, with various perceptions, lacks of a single universal opinion. Thus, critics and philosophers, such as John Stuart Mill, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Jason Brennan decided to share their critiques and views on democracy. Although I agree with most of their views, it is debatable whether one completely agrees with them, for each of them have…



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