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What Is Electoral And Illiberal Democracy?

Electoral democracy is a system of government in which every citizen of the society votes to the representatives who has been elected themselves for the election in the society in order to pass laws for them and represent them in the government. For instance, in Afghanistan where the citizens participate in the election and elect…




Cold War: Soviet-Western and Soviet-American Relations

The Cold War was a “state of tension, hostility, competition and conflict” which characterised Soviet-Western and Soviet-American relations for much of the post-war period (Roberts, 1999: 2). For forty five years, the Cold War was the focal point of world politics, and not only affected American and Soviet institutions, but “the foreign policy and domestic…

Cold War,


Free Speech and the Internet

As rightly said, we are all now connected by the internet like neurons in a giant brain. I voice my support in the favor of this statement. The digital revolution has produced the most diverse, participatory, and amplified communications medium humans have ever had: the Internet. Most of the people use internet widely, be it…



Democratic Education Philosophy

The worst enemy of democracy is the lack of education in a society because it is a tool that is used to liberate the minds of the society and give them a better life. In this essay I shall firstly discuss the Purpose of a democratic education. I shall then describe the values (of its…


Philosophy of Education

Freedom of Speech in Today`s Society

One of the most critical freedoms in any democracy is the freedom of speech. The freedom of speech enables individuals to express themselves, relate with others through communication, access trading opportunities using online platforms (ex.ebay, amazon…etc), receive and disseminate information (Freedom House, 2018). According to the dictionary, the freedom of speech means the legal right…


Freedom of Speech,




Freedom of Speech and Democracy

No democracy can survive without freedom of speech and fair press. Mass media is essential in democracies where governmental institutions such as newspapers and other dispensers of public information exist. The media tries to convert people to view and understand an issue the way they want you to interpret the information from the most popular…


Freedom of Speech,


Aristotle’s Political Philosophy of Democracy

In my assignment I would be digging deep in Aristotle’s political philosophy of democracy and his religion as the world today is largely dependent on democracy as the best political practice but, is the world practicing democracy as prescribe by the author of democracy? Why is there so much misuse of power today by our…