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What is Economic Freedom?

The word “Economic Freedom” is used for finding freedom within a nation without having any sort of intervention from a governmental authority. It is essentially the right that every individual must-have. However, there is an insurmountable number of people in third-world countries who are trapped in poverty. When there is a society that has a…




How Do Oil Spills Impact the Environment?

My audience for my argumentative essay will consist of scientists, environmentalists, researchers, humanitarians, marine biologists, oil companies, and future generations. My intended audience should understand how oil spills can impact our environment and change the ecosystem. The marine life and wildlife are affected the most when an oil spill occurs in the ocean, river, or…



Advertising: Essential Part of the Economy

Over the years, there has been a drastic change in advertisements. Advertising is a form of communication that seeks consumers to behave positively toward the product. Advertisements use appeals that encourage consumers to buy the product. “Advertisement is a factor in modern life.” This statement means that advertisement leads people to purchase more product by…




Christmas Tree Real or Fake

Abstract This essay portrays a portion of the significant focuses and furthermore repudiates the positive and negative impacts of having a real or fake Christmas tree. This paper explains the advantages and disadvantages of having a real Christmas tree or a fake Christmas tree. This article examines the recorded festival of Christmas, and how it…



Western Culture

Japan – Language, Culture, and Economy

In Japan, the dominant language spoken by its residents is Japanese followed by Ryukyuan apart from the variety of dialects in Japan has. Japan has three different writing methods which are: Hiragana, katana, and kanji. For a person to become proficient in the language, it is necessary to start learning the grammatical rules, language characters,…



Japanese Culture

Alternative Approaches to Planning of SWM of the Urban Environment

EPM is an alternative approach to urban planning and management has been introduced in preference of conventional urban development planning and management approaches based on grounds that issues that need to be addressed in cities, as already pointed out, are beyond the competence of only conventional approaches [80]. The aim of EPM is to enhance…




Minimum Wage: A Price Floor

A price floor is a legal minimum on the price at which a good can be sold. When you think of a floor, you think low, so of course one would automatically assume that a price floor would be below the equilibrium price. However, that is incorrect. A binding price floor keeps the market price…



Minimum Wage,


Inverse Relationship Between Unemployment And Inflation

Firstly, the positive impact of the increase in production cost is that it will cause a reduction in the unemployment rate of a country. Cost-push inflation is a situation occurs when the overall price levels rise due to increases in the production costs such as wages, rents, utilities and raw material. The increased price of…




Micro Economics and Macro Economics

Microeconomics refers to the study of particular markets and segments of the economy. It looks such like consumer behavior, individual labor markets and the theory of the firms in other words it deals with individual units. While macro economics refers to the study of the whole economy at large instead of dealing with individual aspects….




Ireland: Culture, Economy, Climate

Ireland Ireland is a beautiful country with a magnificent scenery of the Atlantic coastline that faces a 2,000-mile wide expanse of ocean with its capital being Dublin (Ranelagh et al, 2019). Its geographic isolation has helped it to develop a rich heritage of culture and tradition that was linked initially to the Gaelic language (Ranelagh…





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