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Minimum Wage and Poverty

Minimum wage is defined as the lowest wage permitted by law that an employer is required to earn for the work they performed during a given time period. The federal government established a minimum wage in 1938 called the Fair Labor Standards Act. At the time the law was passed, the first minimum wage was…



Minimum Wage,


Raising Minimum Wage

Alternative Approaches to Planning of SWM of the Urban Environment

EPM is an alternative approach to urban planning and management has been introduced in preference of conventional urban development planning and management approaches based on grounds that issues that need to be addressed in cities, as already pointed out, are beyond the competence of only conventional approaches [80]. The aim of EPM is to enhance…




Minimum Wage: A Price Floor

A price floor is a legal minimum on the price at which a good can be sold. When you think of a floor, you think low, so of course one would automatically assume that a price floor would be below the equilibrium price. However, that is incorrect. A binding price floor keeps the market price…



Minimum Wage,


Aging and Health Care

The government must ensure that each person is covered for essential health care. In Belize, there’s a demand for health care reforms particularly, for the expansion of Belize’s national health insurance (NHI). These reforms are expected to increase the health status of the population by improving the efficiency and quality of health care services and…




The Electoral College Should Be Terminated

The electoral college should be terminated because it ignores the will of the people. There are over 300 million people in the United States, but only 538 of them decide who will be president. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton won popular vote, but did not become president. It feels more like, oh, 17 years…


Electoral College,


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

In Marshall McLuhan’s book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, written in 1964 he explains that in many cases, the medium itself is the message. In other words, the medium is the foundation of the indicated message (McLuhan). For instance, the medium of a news media has contextual messages that are displayed in things such…




Social Media

Equality of Men and Women

Gender equality means that equality of men and women in all matters of life that is socio economic and political. The concept of inclusive growth rate generally means that everyone is included in the growth process. Kerala has achieved social and economic development, but we are still facing wide gender disparities in many areas. This…

Education System,


Gender Equality,


Universal Health Care

What Is Electoral And Illiberal Democracy?

Electoral democracy is a system of government in which every citizen of the society votes to the representatives who has been elected themselves for the election in the society in order to pass laws for them and represent them in the government. For instance, in Afghanistan where the citizens participate in the election and elect…




Law Analysis of Government Liability in Tort

Introduction What is government liability? Government liability means the government is being liable for any legal liability which may be found and involve in the civil law or criminal law and also which may arise from diverse part of the law like contracts, torts and so on. The person who seeks to claim liability is…



The Importance of Resilience Creation

Resilience is a needed quality in every area. If an area is resilient, then it can be efficient in the manner it handles a disaster. The susceptibility to current and future disasters is reduced for that area. The more resilient an area is the better it is for the people there. Thus, maintaining resilience at…




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