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Hatred of Marginalized Groups Towards Transgender People

The rise of the current Presidential Administration headed by the 45th President of the United States of America Donald Trump, has given these older generations the opportunity to voice their negative opinions of the marginalized groups thorough law and less order. Since President Trump’s rise to power hate crimes of these marginalized groups have skyrocketed…




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The Constant Ideals and American Identity in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

Throughout the entire history of the United States of America, certain ideals have remained constant. During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, America was booming. The Industrial Revolution led to a strong workforce and economy. The government was strong as well, especially after Theodore Roosevelt took over for William McKinley. The United States looked to build…

American Identity,



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A Response on Securing the Blessings of Liberty as Part of the American Identity

This essay describes the idea of “securing the blessings of liberty” from the perspective of the early Founding Fathers of America and how such blessings are embedded in the constitution. It describes what those blessings are and what the Founding Fathers believed. Securing the blessings of liberty to me is the American dream in all ways….

American Identity,

Civil Rights,


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The Juvenile Justice System, a Separate Court System for Children

There are a lot of children and young people nowadays. who drop out of school, It is not a secret that most of them are members of gang bands, These boys and girls often ViSlI police and take part in social activities, such as crime prevention, monitoring and pretrial diversion. However. every system or court…



Juvenile Justice System,


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The Major Causes of World War I

World War I was a devastating war that caused over 16 million deaths worldwide, including over 60,000 Canadian deaths. War experts initially thought World War I would be a short war and last only for a couple months, but it lasted for over 4 years, from 1914 to 1918. It was called “the great war”…



World War 1

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Pride and Patriotism: The United States Military

The Few the Proud, the official slogan of the United States Marine Corps. There is a meaning behind that slogan, it is not rust propaganda being tossed around by the government. lt means that there are very few people In the Marines, though they are small In numbers. their patriotism and pride got them to…





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Analyzing the Arguments For and Against Brexit and its Possible Repercussions

Political Brexit impact on the UK decision to leave Europe and the pending UK recession, NO DEAL BREXIT’S economical, geographical and political concerns. Conservatory, Labour and Nigel Farage’s the Brexit party political Brexit views. Impact on Southern Ireland’s Hard Border with Northern Ireland. Compile your evidence and conclusion Preface It is difficult to exaggerate the…




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Niccolo Machiavelli’s Influence on Government Views

Niccolo Machiavelli is a significant figure in modern history, who influenced the world of political thought, and some people even consider him the “Father of Political Science”. His work changed the previous perspective of politics, for he created a more modern and controversial perspective. Machiavelli innovative form of thought soon became a continual point of…




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Equality of Men and Women Argumentative Essay

Gender equality means that equality of men and women in all matters of life that is socio economic and political. The concept of inclusive growth rate generally means that everyone is included in the growth process. Kerala has achieved social and economic development, but we are still facing wide gender disparities in many areas. This…

Education System,


Gender Equality,


Universal Health Care

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Law Analysis of Government Liability in Tort

Introduction What is government liability? Government liability means the government is being liable for any legal liability which may be found and involve in the civil law or criminal law and also which may arise from diverse part of the law like contracts, torts and so on. The person who seeks to claim liability is…



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