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Anti Communism American Policy

During the long periods of the conflicts between the nation, the U.S. became very involved in global affairs which helped them control areas that seemed dangerous and appear to wish to help by modernizing and providing economic aid with hopes of containing communism and making them look western. The policy of the U.S. during the…



United States

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Comparison of Communism in Russia and China with Fascism in Germany and Japan

In order to compare communism in Russia and China with Fascism in Germany and Japan we mst first look at the differences within each division and the goals of each system. The goal of communism, according to political thinkers is to create a stateless, classless society. In order to do this the people must take…



Political science

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George Orwell’s Animal Farm Book Review

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is a fascinating book which describes the Russian Revolution. Although the film is animated, George did well to make sure the novel presented the message of the revolution. George gave the impression that the book followed along the lines of the Russian Revolution by pointing out the names of the three…

Animal Farm,


George Orwell,


Russian Revolution

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Animal Farm Book Review Argumentative Essay

The book starts off with Jones heading to bed. After Jones heads to bed the animals meet up at the barn. A pig, named Old Major, tells them about a dream he had that animals live a great life and free from the humans. After that meeting Old Major soons dies. After the Major’s death…

Animal Farm,



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Satire Based On Equality In Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a book written by George Orwell which is kind of a satire based on equality, in which all animals gradually started to learn to live free from the clutches of human masters’. The book was published during the world war II in England in the year 1945 and in the United States…

Animal Farm,



Russian Revolution

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Animal Farm by George Orwell Review

Has the person reading this been too lazy to read animal farm? Well here’s the story plain and simple! The theme in Animal Farm by George Orwell is a human’s place in society. The theme is revealed by the setting of the story being on a human platform, and with the humans taking the products…


Animal Farm,




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Soviet Union in Animal Farm by George Orwell

In literature, cruelty is often used as a motivation or a major political factor. In Animal Farm written by George Orwell, Manor Farm symbolizes Russia and the Soviet Union under Communist rule. More importantly the animals on the farm represent any naive human society, whether that be capitalist, socialist ect. All acts of cruelty are…

Animal Farm,


George Orwell

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Spanish Civil War

In July 1936, Francisco Franco led the first revolt that sparked the start of the Spanish Civil war. After the election of February 16, 1936 and the election of Republican Manuel Azana, things began to heat up between the Republican and Nationalist side of Spain. This was mainly because of the controversial new reforms Manual…

Civil War,


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Overview of the Communist Ideology

Communism is one of the most influential political ideologies of all time. Through recognising its influence, we can gain a further understanding of the significance of the role communism played in the development of the Cold War. The Cold War (1947-1991) was a 44-year battle between the U.S and the Soviet union over the Americans…

Cold War,


Joseph Stalin

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Revolution in Animal Farm Argumentative Essay

George Orwell’s Animal Farm is centered on the Russian Revolution and the novel shows how power corrupts, just as Stalin’s power corrupted following the Russian Revolution in 1917. Corruption can be defined as follows: Dishonest behaviour by politicians, who use their power for their own advantage. This becomes evident early on in the novel as…

Animal Farm,


Russian Revolution

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