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The Concept of Alienation in “Estranged Labour” and “The Metamorphosis”

Alienation can be defined as a condition in which an individual is isolated from their work, society, sense of self and/or humanity. Alienation contemporarily exists in society however, was much more prevalent decades ago. The concept of alienation is explored in Karl Marx’s ‘Estranged Labour’ derived from his Philosophical and Economic Manuscripts and also in…

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The Metamorphosis

Macro and Micro Sociological Approach

One of the first lessons I learned in studying soc 104 is that a macro sociological approach looks at large-scale social processes, while a micro sociological approach looks at small-scale interactions within society. This peaked my interest and as I developed my knowledge on the topic, I developed a deeper understanding on the relationship between…

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Sociological Imagination,


Satire on Equality in Animal Farm

Animal Farm is a book written by George Orwell which is a satire on equality, wherein all animals live free from their human masters’ tyranny. It was published on the heels of the world war two in England in 1945 and in the united states in 1946. This book was written during the world war…

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Russian Revolution

Pride and Prejudice: Social Class

Introduction Literature, as a part of art, gives pleasure, contentment, and some experiences for people who are interested in it. It appreciates more about life, because the problem of human life, society and the environment can be seen through literary works. In other words, literature gives the reader experiences through the way of artistic form….

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Pride and Prejudice,

Social Class

Contributions of Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Karl Marx on Sociology

Although there were many contributors to the foundation of sociology, there were three men whose observations have left the great impact. They are Emile Durkheim, Max Weber, and Karl Marx. Each studied differently and gave views about social behavior in a different scenarios. They have developed theories in an influential way which taught how to…

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Karl Marx vs. Max Weber: Their Contrasting Views on Sociology

Sociology is a broad branch of social science that examines society and human behavior. It generally tackles social relationships and interactions that determine how people work and interact with each other. As a matter of fact, Karl Marx and Max Weber are known as significant sociological theorists in this day and age. On the one…


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Understanding Humanity by Turgenev and Karl Marx

The article “how and how not to love mankind”, written by Theodore Dalrymple, is about the humanity and welfare of humankind. The author talks about the two famous writers of the nineteenth century Ivan Turgenev and Karl Marx. Both being born and died at the same time, and living the lives paralleled to each other,…


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