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Election Violence in Africa

Introduction All over the world, elections are the most common ways used by people to choose their government or representatives. Although electoral practices vary from one place to another, the general idea behind this is that elections seek the fairest way to include the largest number of people in the choosing process of those who…




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The Election Process In America

Elections have been the usual mechanism by which modern representative democracy has operated since the 17th century. This research paper will be outlining the election process in America. While also answering your questions like, how do the candidates raise money, how can the media impact elections. How does the Election work, what is the Electoral…



Presidential Debate

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The Electoral System Of Canada

From an electoral perspective, each province is perfectly divided into different electoral districts or ridings as they are commonly referred. A single MP represents each electoral district. During an election, the candidate who gets the chance to be the member of parliament of the province in question is the individual who garners the highest number…



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Nonpartisan Elections

Elections in America have been based on the two main political parties, which are the Democrats and the Republicans. There are also independent parties that run for office; however they do not get as much exposure. When it comes to voting on these parties, generally majority of the votes cast have been from Caucasian males….




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Political Election and Digital Media Impact on It

Since the Revolutionary War political elections have been part of the United States, it has always been a tense time and with the introduction of digital media has made it more widespread. Digital media is becoming for common in daily life. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2005 only 5% of americans used at…


Fake News,


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An Electoral System

An electoral system is a formal subfield study of politics. It organizes by government that shows a combination of aggregated votes to define how elections and referendum managed, whereas, it considered be valid by its final results (Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2016). In its detailed importance, to identify the winner, the electoral system implemented by the number…



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Texas Governor Election Candidates

One of the greatest duties for U.S. citizens is the privilege to vote for their political representatives through elections. However, very rarely do citizens research the top running candidates before actually going out to vote for the vast distinct positions. For example, while the presidential election is the most known there are various other elections…



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Increase of Voter Participation in Midterm Elections

The recent midterm election has brought in a new congress, led by a democratic majority in the House of Representatives and a Republican Senate. There were several unexpected upsets, both within the parties and against one another that highlight what was considered a crucial election in the current political environment in the United States. During…



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Analysis of Russia’s 1996 Presidential Elections

An important part of any political system in a democratic state is the regular holding of elections for representative bodies at various levels, as well as higher authorities, as well as senior officials in the country and heads of local executive authorities. Simultaneously with the strengthening and development of democratic traditions, the forms and methods…



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The Russian Attack on American Elections

One of many areas of controversy that has been stirred up since Donald Trump has been elected as President of the United States is if the electronic voting system used in the 2016 election was actually hacked by Russian intelligence to swing the vote in Donald Trump’s favor. Contrary to evidence gathered by U.S. intelligence,…



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