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PTSD in Veterans

The statistics on PTSD in veterans keeps increasing according to the author Matthew Tull, in his article he emphasizes how Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers experience many conflicts in regards to their mental health. Therefore, Tull discusses the statistics on soldiers who experienced traumatic events. For example, Tull presents that 94.5% of veterans witness dead bodies,…

Psychological Disorders,


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The Value of Hiring Veterans

Employers depend on their Human Resource Specialists to consider the most ideal candidates to fulfill job positions. Many businesses prefer hiring veterans in the workplace as they are reliable, have a strong work ethic and are recognized for their teamwork and leadership skills. Reintegrating into the workforce can pose many challenges for veterans transitioning from…




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Mental Illnesses In Veterans 

As a student the Health Science pathway at Dubiski Career High School my main focus is to succeed in the EMT course. A big problem the healthcare field currently facing is the treatment of the veterans and specifically their mental health. There have been multiple cases where veterans haven’t received the proper diagnosis or treatment….

Mental Illness,


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Social Media for Veterans

Facebook and YouTube are both web-based and require no further development, testing or added cost. They have historically worked well together and continue to do so, with YouTube videos being added to Facebook pages and applications, and YouTube channels referencing back to Facebook. Benefits of Social Media Platform Veterans are a substantial part of the…

Social Media,


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Homeless Veterans

Homelessness in the world is a huge problem. Most homeless people live in abandoned buildings, cars, buses, in some community parks and under bridges. Most homeless people can barely come up with enough money to eat every day and some people rely on others food and leftovers to live. Different agencies define homeless differently. Health…



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The Veterans Plight

In 1997, I was out of the military. In the Army, you are taught specific skills and standards. I was taught to operate weapons and equipment; in order to effectively kill other human beings. Active service members learned all of these skills using what is know as institutional training and behavior. In order to prepare…



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Veterans Day and Mental Health

November 11th is set aside to honor all of the veterans who served our country. Veterans day, formerly called Armistice Day came into effect after the Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919, which commemorated the end of World War I. World War I ended months before the treaty was signed and for that reason,…

Mental Health,


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Veterans Returning to the Workplace

As of 2016, there are 21 million veterans living in the United States, and since 2001, over 2.8 million veterans have transitioned into civilian life. (Maury, 1) This is a substantial demographic, and a good deal of them face a number of significant hurdles when attempting to make the transition from a military career to…



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Veterans Day

Veterans Day originated on November 11, 1919 and was called “Armistice Day.” That day marked the end of World War I. Armistice means that both sides agreed to stop fighting during a war, or it means a truce. November 11 became a national holiday in 1938. Veterans Day salutes all American Veterans, whether they are…

United States,


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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder among Veterans

Introduction “Veteran” is a Latin term of old (smith et al., 2019). A war-veteran is a non-active soldier who finished his service in the military sector (Strand, 2018). They played an essential role in wars under a tremendous amount of stress including life-threatening events; therefore, they have been honoured from more than century ago, for…

Psychological Disorders,


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