Importance of Gender Diversity

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Ever since I could remember I been pressured in conforming to my gender as a male. However, gender is an identity and ways we’re expected to behave based on sex. For example, I was expected to dress, behave, and present myself differently from my opposite gender, due to society and the gender norms. These behaviors are not harmful in of themselves, but the expectations that pressure people to exhibit them are. As a result, it has caused other to restrict themselves.

Nevertheless, there is still the common stereotype of men having to be physically big, have strength, and the ability to use violence if necessary to gain power. Unfortunately for some, this system is inherently oppressive to anyone who doesn’t fit into the norms expected in them. Now in today’s world, were all are constantly pressured to conform to our conventional gender role due to gender stereotypes such as work on an occupation dominated by our gender, behave and act masculine or feminine, and be appropriately dressed based on our physical appearance.

On the other hand men supposed to work outside and women inside has caused workforce conflicts. For instance, people are often quick to assume that teachers and nurses are women, and that pilots, doctors, and engineers are men. Nevertheless, this had lead to discrimination for some employees due to their gender. However, with society slowly changing, with time, there been a positive metamorphosis. This positive metamorphosis is allowing all genders an increased in opportunities in all job fields due the effect on society and the way people perspectives are changing with newer generations.

Now we’re starting to see our society resist that common stereotype and have an incredibly high number of males and females working together in the same career field. This has allowed us to be more successful as a country as it has resulted in technological growth and our workforce has become more stable. At the end, there shouldn’t be the stereotype of men and women having to work in different jobs because at the end we’re all compatible of accomplishing the same thing in hand.

Big, strong, aggressive, and bold all are personality traits a man should have in them according to gender norms but it’s not always accurate for all. Man are taught from a young age how to properly act and behave. Often times this leads to men being judgemental or bias toward other that don’t behave like them. As a result, it causes bullying and discrimination leading to the victim feeling pressured to change their behavior and habits.

For this to change society needs to to relax it’s archaic and misunderstood definition of masculinity and femininity. A man can be feminine and vise versa. It has not bearing on their ability, nor quite often, their sexuality. For example, if man was seen in a feminine placa like a beauty salon you’ll probably question them and their sexiality. This a conflict we have by judging people right away. From a young age we are program to fit into our gender box. It’s a box that can never be climb out as everyone is doing the same thing. On the plus side, certain stereotypes are changing.

Men wear jeans, women wear skirts this is what our society has come to. This can limit a person’s freedom of expression because of fear, fear of being judged negatively. Not only would it increase the probability of him or she getting depression, but it will also neglect their right, freedom of expression. Not only are men and women expected to groom in ways stereotypical to their gender, but there also expected to dress base on their gender. However, people who resist this stereotype and choose to dress how there comtarble get called ‘’transvestism.’’

Not everyone feels comfortable behind their true skin, as a result, some choose to express and show their personality and feelings when getting dresses. Whether it’s putting makeup or painting their hair a different color. This is what more people should be able to do without second guessing themselves because of what people may think of them. In recent decades there’s been an increase of people coming out and showing who they truly are and as a result there was even a national day for that.

Gender norms originate from archaic views developed hundred years ago. Society is slow at acknowledging that, in fact, gender has little influence on ability. Over the years, the people have been placed in these boxes: girls wear pink, boys wear blue, girls play with dolls, boys play with train sets, and girls stay inside, boys go outside.This conflict has been here forever, there is no easy way to break it.

Society has now categorized people into different genders like male, gay, female, lesbian, bisexul, tragenders, and others. This has caused resulting in genders are treated differently. Ultimately, the environment in which a kid is raised, plays a vital point in the future and the way he or she sees conflicts like these. Some will always conform to their conventional gender role, but there are going to be those resistant and that’s what we need, we need diversity and change in our world to thrive and succeed.


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What are the benefits of introducing gender diversity?
Introducing gender diversity can lead to a more inclusive and diverse workplace culture, which can increase creativity and innovation. It can also help to reduce gender bias and promote equal opportunities for all employees.
Why are diversity is important?
Diversity is important because it allows for different voices and perspectives to be heard and it creates a more well-rounded and tolerant society.
Why is gender diversity important?
Gender diversity is important because it allows for a greater range of perspectives and ideas, and also because it helps to create a more balanced and fair society.
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