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Nature vs. Nurture: Story of Identical Twins

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Nature vs Nurture


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Nature vs. Nurture Concepts Argumentative Essay

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Nature vs Nurture

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Nature and Nurture in Literature

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Nature vs Nurture

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Language: Nature or Nurture Argumentative Essay

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Nature vs Nurture

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Nature vs Nurture: Impact of Genes and Environment on Human Behavior

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Nature vs Nurture

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Nature Versus Nurture Debate

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Nature vs Nurture

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Impact On a Person Of Nature and Nurture

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Nature vs Nurture

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An Overarching View of Nature vs. Nature Personal Essay

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Nature Versus Nurture

Nature vs Nurture

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Nature vs. Nurture: Key Role of Nurture

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Nature vs Nurture

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Nature and Nurture in Sexual Differentiation

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Nature vs Nurture

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What is about nature ve nurture debate?

Is your way because of the way you were born or because of the way you grew up? Your genes determine your character and behavior, or your environment and your growth style? The innate and acquired debate in psychology involves which aspects of behavior are the product of heredity or acquired behavior. Nature is affected by genetic inheritance and biological factors. The characteristic of parenting is the product of contact with the experience and learning experienced by the individual in life. Research has shown that it is difficult to determine whether a person’s development exists in his DNA or is affected by life experience and environment, but we know that nature and nurture both play an important role in human development.

Nature is your genes

The factors of nature are biological and family factors. When someone is intelligent it is usually agreed that the individual has a high level of intelligence. Those who would argue that nature is to thank for the individual’s intelligence might point to his or her parents and use their level of intelligence as a reason for why he or she is so successful. We think we all have different personalities from our parents but in the debate of nature vs nurture, some would argue that we do get inherit some personality our parent. You can inherit academic success from parents, but some would argue it’s not necessarily inherited it’s more pushed on the child to succeed as their parents did. If you drink a lot of coffee your gene might be to blame.

Studies conducted by scientists studied people who drank coffee a lot and people who did not drink coffee. It showed that the people who drank lots of coffee had a gene that they inherited that allowed them to absorb caffeine faster which makes them want more. The debate about homosexuality in nature vs. nurture is controversial. Some individuals believe that homosexuality is a biological factor as in it is no more a choice than hair color, eye color or foot size. Nature doesn’t always have to do with personality traits. nature also includes certain genetic disorders, eye color, hair color, height, life expectancy and skin color. Mental disabilities like autism is present at birth. If humans cannot control it, it’s considered nature.

Nurture is behaviors or traits you acquire throughout life that you are not born with. Nurture is how a person was treated during their earlier developmental years. Personality might be acquired from your mom or dad, but it is also true that it can come from experiences and your surroundings. For example, if you speak more than one language or as simple as what kind of music you like to listen to you learn those traits. Some would argue that homosexuality is a choice and is influenced by environmental factors. Criminal behavior is said to be inherited and obtained by environmental factors such as if they were abused in their childhood they could be abusive in adulthood or they might not acquire the abuse, but they might be nervous and shy. Such as fearing sudden movements or loud noises. Fears are not something you are born with they are learned behaviors and a reflex that they feel keeps them safe. Some say rapists are born but some would argue they are not born but made.

You cannot have nature without nurture because they balance out each other. For example, a person can be born with a tendency for violence, but they could never act on it if they were raised in a stable environment. A person who was raised in an unstable environment may become more caring and undemanding rather than act on those actions they were exposed to. Take for example two sibling that were raised in the same abusive family one that does not act on abusive behavior when they get older but the other acts on the abusive behavior even though they were exposed to the same behaviors. Say two siblings were exposed to the same resources, same school, and same people but one is smart and the other is smart but doesn’t pay attention if it isn’t something she/he is interested in. one fits in while the other doesn’t have many friends and attracts loners and outcast and so she/he feels like an outcast themselves.

Both nature and nurture are important for a person’s life and personality. It’s a balance between each that makes a person who they are. There is not one that is more important than the other. There are many behaviors that could come from nature or nurture or even both at the same time. It is better to understand someone’s developmental years to better understand where they acquired certain behaviors. The debate between the two should be lost because scenically it has been proven that they are both important and that certain behaviors can come from both nature and nurture.

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