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The Montane Forest Ecosystem in Colorado

The Montane Ecosystem in Colorado is located between 6,000 and 9,000 feet above sea level, right between the foothills and the subalpine life zones. The climate, an area where particular weather patterns remain for a long time, varies with altitude as south-facing slopes are dry and north-facing slopes are wetter. This is because the south-facing…



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Benefits of Sustainable Forest Management

Introduction Forests cover 30% of the world’s earth surface and deliver a broad range of products. These products can be characterized according to ecological services (Soil stabilization, Co2 sinks, fresh water supply, climate protection, purification of air, potential source of medicine, conservation of biodiversity, etc.) (Jenkins, 2011), Economic values (wood particles, earning source and non…



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Urban Forest Parks

The term urban forest refers not only to urban forest parks or road side greeneries. But it is all about publicly and privately owned trees within an urban area including individual trees along streets and in backyards, as well as stands of remnant forest (Nowak et al. 2001). In well designed and managed cities and…


Nature vs Nurture

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Factors Affecting Participatory Forest Management Argumentative Essay

Community participation is a process by which a community mobilizes its resources, initiatives and takes responsibility for its own development activities and share decision making for and implementation of other development programmes for the overall of its health status. In PFM implementation, gender participations have more significant and great role in forest management. It is…



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Valuing Forest Ecosystem Services

Introduction Forests are one of the most valuable terrestrial ecosystems that provide variable goods and services. A forest ecosystem is a dynamic complex of plant, animal and micro-organism communities and their abiotic environment interacting as a functional unit, where trees are a key component of the system. Humans, with their cultural, economic and environmental needs…




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Colorado Forest Health

There are millions of dead trees in Colorado’s forests. Tree mortality is at one-fifth over the last two decades. Forests with lots of dead trees are at a greater risk for worse wildfires. Carbon is also moving to the atmosphere, from out of the carbon sink that is the forest. The Colorado State Forest Service…



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How to Restore a Forest

Not all people are able to restore a forest, but many have an unused yard in their house that can well converted into a forest garden. The only thing needed is an open space, even an abandoned sandlot, so you can start creating a garden by gradually planting fruit-bearing trees, shrubs, vegetables, roots and all…



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Valuation of Forest Resources

The values held by first group is known as Use values. It is divided into: Direct value use Indirect value use Direct use Values Derived from consumptive uses (e.g. fuel wood collection), and/or Non-consumptive uses (e.g. hiking in the same forest), and may involve commercial activities such as selling fuel wood or collecting visiting tolls),…



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Insect Species Diversity and Abundance of Pine Forest

The results of these experiments show no significant difference in the species richness between the garrigue and the pine forest habitats, while there were more individual insects detected in the garrigue ecosystems. Scarites suterraneus which was the beetle encountered the most, has shiny black colour and up to 35 mm length with the structure of its…




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Forest Survey Analysis and Interpretation 

The ecologically-sensitive state Uttarakhand is although endowed with rich flora and fauna but there is increase in pressure on its natural ecosystem from the past decades. The state ranks sixth in terms of recorded forest area in percentage and its forest cover with rich biodiversity is considered its major wealth. Ranikhet which is the cantontment…



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