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Pollution and How It’s Affecting Us

Pages 7 (1 613 words)

Air Pollution

Environment Pollution


Water Pollution

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Environmental Pollution: Health Risks and Consequence Cause And Effect Essay

Pages 6 (1 288 words)

Air Pollution


Water Pollution

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Natural Pollution and Man-made Pollution Argumentative Essay

Pages 3 (664 words)

Air Pollution

Environment Pollution


Water Pollution

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Negative Impact of Nuclear Pollution and Ways to Control It

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How to Reduce Pollution

Pages 3 (503 words)

Environmental Protection


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Types, Effects and Prevention of Pollution

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Environment Pollution


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Sources of Soil Pollution

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Effects of Pollution on Environment and Life

Pages 3 (616 words)

Air Pollution



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Industrial Pollution: Effects and Combating

Pages 3 (526 words)

Environment Pollution



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An Ethical Problem of Plastic Pollution

Pages 10 (2 473 words)

Ethical Dilemma

Plastic Pollution


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List of Essay Topics on Pollution

Analytical Essay Topics:

Health Effects of Air Pollution

How Does Air Pollution Affect Our Wellbeing?

Green Chemistry Against High Level of Pollution

Environmental Stewardship: Issue of Canadian Oil Sands

Environmental Pollution in Kenia

Human Negative Impact on Nature

Action against Air Pollution

Pollution in Delhi

Issue of Air Pollution

Importance of Reducing Plastic Pollution

Negative Effect of Plastic on Human and Environment

Eliminating Plastic Straws

Banning Plastic Bags to Overcome Plastic Pollution

Environment and Ecology Issues

Global Effects of Water Pollution

Impact of Transportation on Environment

The Negative Consequences of Water Pollution

The Future of Our Environment

Problems and Causes of Air Pollution

Negative Effects of Deforestation

Argumentative Essay Topics:

Brief Background of Water Pollution

Impact of Deforestation for Public Health

Negative and Positive Impact of Deforestation

Strategies to Prevent Deforestation

Forms of Environmental Pollution

Is Reforestation the Answer to Deforestation

What Is Water Pollution?

Cause and Effect of Water Pollution

Education Can Stop Water Pollution

What Is the Cause of Water Pollution

Impact of Deforestation in Amazon Region

Causes of Deforestation in Congo

Effects of Deforestation and How Its Prevent

Issue of Ocean Water Pollution

Today’s Problem of Deforestation

Climate Change and Global Warming

The Price of Industrialization and Modernization

The danger of Plastic Pollution

Government Against Water Pollution

Pollution of Drinking Water

Essay Topics About Pollution

Pollution Argumentative Essay Topics

The Rise of Environmental Pollution and Its Harmful Effects

Sustainability through Recycling of Humanities Trash

Causes of Noise Pollution in My City

Good Example Of Nature Essay

Noise Pollution: The Sources And Classification

Cause and Effect of Air Pollution

Alternatives to Fossil Fuels

Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Good Example Of Course Work On American P and I Club Rule Book

Analazying The Impact Of Aviation Noise Pollution

Effects of Pollution in The Natural Environmental

Effect of Plastic on Ocean Essay

The Issue of Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Environmental Science: Portfolio Presentations Example

Noise Pollution Reduction In Relationship With Urban Forestry And Urban Greening

Different Kinds of Pollution of The Nature

Pollution Descriptive Essay Topics

Plastic is a Dangerous Ingredient to the Environment

The Effect of Light Pollution on Sea Turtles

Good Example Of Impacts Of Petroleum Exploration, Extraction And Transport Course Work

The Main Sources Of Noise Pollution And Sustainability

The Impact of Bottled Water as a Factor in Environmental Pollution

Plastic is a Global Issue for Planet

How Light Pollution Effect Environment, Animals, and Human Life

The 1952 Great Smog In London Presentation

Plastic Pollution In The Ocean And How It Affects Earth

How Noise Pollution is Affecting Environment

The Impact of Plastic on the Environment

Helping Nocturnal Lives to Deal with Light Pollution

Case Study On Summary for Groundwater

Concerning Issue Of Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans

The Growing Concern of Beach Pollution

Negative Impact of Plastic on the Environment

Pollution Persuasive Essay Topics

The Threat of Light Pollution

Good Presentation About Sustainable Development

The Increasing Plastic Pollution In The Ocean

Environmental Awareness and Protection: Causes and Effects

Essay on Bio Plastic

The Alternatives to Fuel to Avoid Fuel Crisis and Pollution

Free California Clean Air Resources Board And How It Has Affected The Logistics Presentation Example

The Rising Issue Of Plastic Pollution In The Ocean

A Significant Problem of Environmental Pollution

Effects of Plastic Bags in Environment

The Environmental Effects of Using Paper and Plastic Bags

Sustainable Construction System Thinking Course Work Sample

Plastic Bags: Worth Replacing With Paper Bags?

Environmental Pollution

The Effect of Single Use Plastic FreeCampus on the Behavior

The Effect of Global Warming on the Cow’s Well-being

Pollution Informative Essay Topics

Example Of Water Sustainability Issue In Nigeria Course Work

Harms Inflicted By Offshore Oil Drilling In The U.s. To The Environment

Noise Pollution

Plastic Packing and Its Effect on Foodstuffs

Good Example Of Enumerating Bacteria From Hamburger Samples Collected In Flagstaff, Arizona Article

Environmental Pollution: Causes, Humans’ Impact

How Plastic Affects the Environment

More Recycling Should Be Encouraged Presentation Example

Pollution – a Global Issue that Needs to Be Addressed with Urgency by The Citizens of The World

Sustainability Strategies in Mining

Rooms Structure Course Works Example

Different Types and Sources of Pollution

Sustainable Transportation

Free Environmental Situation in China Essay Sample

The Impacts of Regular Pollution on People, Animals and The Earth as a Whole

Going Green in Office

Pollution Comparison and Contrast Essay Topics

Oceanic Pollution Presentation Example

“Let’s Save Our Planet!” Or The Problem of Environmental Pollution

How Waste Effects the Environment?

How To Avoid Food Poisoning Presentation Example

Water Pollution: What We Can Expect

Human Activity Cause Major Disruption in the Earth’s Environment

Example Of Environmental Conservation Presentation

The Utilization of Mango Peel as Bioplastics

Ways to Reduce Water Pollution

Free Article About Water Contamination

The Growing Problem of Littering in The United States

How can Nanotechnology be used to Reduce Pollution Worldwide?

Example Of Electrical Vehicles Presentation

Causes and Effects of Air Pollution

Enbridge Energy Partners Oils Pipeline Course Work

Air Pollution: Causes and Negative Effect


Pollution is an impact on the biosphere, posing a threat to wildlife and sustainable ecosystems. Distinguish between natural pollution caused by natural causes (volcanic activity), and anthropogenic, associated with human activities. Almost all types of human activities entail some form of pollution.

It is accompanied by an increase in the content of substances harmful to organisms, the emergence of new chemical compounds, particles, and foreign materials, toxic or incapable of utilization in the biosphere, excessive temperature rise (thermal pollution), noise (noise pollution), electromagnetic radiation, radioactivity (radioactive pollution) and other changes in the environment. More than 100 billion tons of decomposition are extracted annually from the bowels of the Earth.

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