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Brief Background of Water Pollution

In the Earth, water covered about two-thirds and seventy-six perfect of our body is made up of water. Water is the most significant resource on the planet and human cannot live without it. It is the essence of all life on earth. As we can see, if there is a river or lake around our…


Water Pollution

Global Warming of the Earth

Global warming, according to National Geographic magazine, means the same thing as climate change which is a change in climate that can vary from place to place. Global warming is usually attributed to the warming of the Earth but this is not always the case some parts get cooler which is what I climate change…

Global Warming,



New York City Water System

New York City is one of the cities with the cleanest and best tasting drinking water of any City in the world. Scientists from the Department Environmental Protection test the quality of the water each day. The water system of New York City provides one billion gallons of drinking water each day to a total…

New York City,