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Causes And Effects Of Climate Change

Beginning with the modern upset of the nineteenth century until today, changes in the climate have been predominantly the consequence of human action. A year ago, many lives were lost to environmental change-related occasions, for example, tropical storms, floods, flames, storms, dry spells, the seriousness of which are considered to and be aggravated by environmental…

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Issue of Ocean Water Pollution

Water pollution is a huge issue, not only facing the Arctic but also the rest of the world. Water pollution occurs when plastic or waste pollutes water bodies. There are several different types of water pollution, but the main three impacts damaging the Arctic, which is the natural habitat of the beluga whale, are surface…


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Siderophores Definition and Their Role in Environment 

What are Siderophores? Siderophores are organic compound with low molecular masses. They are released by plants and microorganisms under iron limiting conditions. Their basic function is to bind with ferric ions (Fe3+) that are present in surrounding environment and transport them to microbial and plant cells. Siderophores not only have high affinity for ferric ions…





Bora Bora a Great Vacation Spot

Famous for its warm, blue lagoon and sandy beaches, Bora Bora is ideal for a relaxing vacation. Be it long summers or a short vacation, almost everyone likes to take a timeout from life’s hustle and bustle to spend time with friends, families or just by themselves. Growing up in a tourist destination myself, I…