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Name of Play: Last Summer at Bluefish Cove

Opening on a serene view of beachfront cottages and seaside located at Bluefish Cove, this play begins with a struggle between fish and woman. Lil, a woman in her thirties with an effortlessly too-look persona, catches the eye of Eva. Eva, a woman empowered by her recent separation to her husband and a newly-found interest…

Gay Rights,

Human Sexuality,


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Summer Internship Report Reflective Essay

I here by declare that the Summer Internship Project Report “Impact of Attrition on the Productivity at the Opulence Business Solution” is a result of my own work and my indebtedness to work other publications, references, if any, have been duly acknowledge. If I am found guilty of repeating from the other report or published…




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 The Summer Olympics Are Changing

The summer Olympics have evolved around the world since the 1800 due to a desire for more sports, more equal rights, and world conflict. The first reason the Olympics have changed was a desire for more sports, because of this several extra sports have been added to the Olympics since 1996, the first modern Olympics,…

Nazi Germany,



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Summer Reading Literary Reflection

There were many different stories in the Summer Reading Collection that made me explore different aspects of writing. They each used several techniques to add to the complexity and overall understanding of the story. The one story that had brought the greatest reaction out of me was the short story, On The Rainy River, by…




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Analysis of Gut Microbiotas in Hibernating Ground Squirrels during Summer

Abstract This study investigates the gut microbiota’s role in hibernation. It will involve euthermic 13-lined ground squirrels (Ictidomys tridecemlineatus) during summer when they are active and winter during hibernation season. We investigated this in aroused squirrels using cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS), a technique that provides a real-time indication of fuel use by measuring the ratio…




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Tears Idle Tears by Alfred Tennyson Analytical Essay

Tennyson Born on 1809,England, Alfred Lord Tennyson is one of the most well known poet in Victorian era . He is so clever ,at 12 he wrote a poem ,he is talented in writing ,he wrote The Princess is a black verse long poem published in 1847. Tears Idle Tears is part of a larger…




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How I Spent Summer 2015

I never knew death. Yes, I knew of it, as one knows of a lion or a tiger, but I never knew it in a personal, intimate way until the summer of 2015. Sarai and I were best friends. We were so close that it became difficult for anyone to pinpoint the day we met….



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Where the Lilies Grow

I remember how my younger sister and I used to make-believe play, we could go on for hours without taking a break to eat or go to the bathroom even. I remember associating such wonderful feelings with this type of play. In many instances, it almost felt real. The smell of dirt and sweat would…



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7 Mistakes That Make Your Skin Worse in Summer

If you don’t want the skin to deteriorate, avoid the following mistakes. Do not use sunscreen: The products make up on the market today contain the SPF index so many of you often skip this step. However, this is harmful to the skin as such products cannot replace a dedicated sunscreen. Sunscreen also helps prevent…


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Winter Break or Summer Break

If you were a student in middle school then you probebly have witnessed one of the two major breaks, winter break and summer break. Both give the oportunity to have time away from school, but if you look at both very close, you can see multiple differences with summer being the best. Summer break is…




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