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Environmental Stewardship: Issue of Canadian Oil Sands

Canadian oil sands, which is also known as tar sand are a large area of petroleum withdrawal from bitumen, located along the Athabasca River with its center of activity close to Fort McMurray in Alberta which is roughly 400km northeast of the provincial capital, Edmonton. The Canadian oil sands are the second-largest proven oil reserves…



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My Interests for Natural Resource Management

When I ponder upon the reasoning behind my interests and passion for natural resource management and conservation science, the embodiment that instantly comes to mind is my mentor, Ms. Jamie Tanino. Currently, she is one of the natural resource management coordinators at Oahu Army Natural Resources Program (OANRP), a research specialist at the Bernice Pauahi…


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Mexico Natural Resources

The point I want to quickly state about how natural resources affect Mexico is natural resources can affect Mexico in good and bad ways alike. And a reason why it can affect people in a bad way is on how depending on the natural resource it can harm people with air pollutions because machines extracting…


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Financial Effects of the Natural Resource Curse in Africa

More than half of the countries in Africa are regarded as the most economically deprived in the world. The Continent overall has lower rungs of success economically than any of the other six continents across the globe. Africa has seen momentous economic transformations and improvements in the past decade. However, many nation-states are not exhibiting…



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Natural Resources Management in Zambia

Introduction I have chosen Zambia as a country of my choice basically it’s a nice country and its very interesting. Indeed I am going to give the role of policy in such way that the community are using natural resources and the way their manage it. The Government of Zambia and stakeholders in the environment…



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Causes And Effects Of Climate Change

Beginning with the modern upset of the nineteenth century until today, changes in the climate have been predominantly the consequence of human action. A year ago, many lives were lost to environmental change-related occasions, for example, tropical storms, floods, flames, storms, dry spells, the seriousness of which are considered to and be aggravated by environmental…

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How Big Will The World’s Population Get Before We Run Out Of Vital Resources

Introduction The world’s population is constantly growing. According to experts, This will cause problems in future years due to a lack of resources that we may have. In this report, I will show different theories made by professionals on our population and how big it can and/or will get. I will explain some of the…

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Natural Resource Conflict

Conflict over natural resources such as forests, water and land can be found all around the world (Anderson etal 1996). These conflicts in turn can have severe negative impacts on natural resource availability and its management. Competition for natural resources has always existed between people everywhere, a constant struggle to take control over resources they…


Natural Resources

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