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Negative Impact of Environmental Pollution

What you do on land can greatly impact the fate of those in the air and in the sea. The things we eat and the air we smell are tremendously impacted by the smallest of actions, like missing the trash can when throwing away a water bottle or tossing a plastic fork on the ground….

Environmental Pollution

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What Effect of Environmental Pollution?

A challenge that the whole world is facing is having pollution in the air. With our actions we can end this world, but before this happens, we need to have a solution to fix this. These solutions may not be easy to do, but it will be worth it. Instead of cutting down trees we…

Environmental Pollution

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The U.S. Government and the Environmental Pollution

Pollution is everywhere. It is in the air we breathe and the water we drink, albeit microscopic levels, it is still there. It affects everyone and everything in today’s growing society whether it is a small impact or a large one. Human beings have been polluting for hundreds of years and it will not stop…

Environmental Pollution

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Phenomenon of Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is basically the buildup and accumulation of noxious heavy metals in the water, land and air that decrease the capability of the polluted sites to support life. The phenomenon of environmental pollution has started in 1952 when the pollutants of domestic fireplaces and factories combine with air condensation. The degradation of the surface of…

Environmental Pollution

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