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Natural Disasters: Haiti Earthquake 2010

Natural disasters are more likely to destroy the Earth than man-made disasters. A natural disasters is a disaster caused by the earth itself without any help from mankind. Disasters like these affect humans the most because it’s unexpected and can happen at any time with no warning on when it will start or stop. For…

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The Sociology of Natural Disasters

Understanding How Society Responds to Emergencies Growing up, I was always very interested in weather, natural disasters especially. Their magnitude and power fascinated me, driving me to study more sciences and get a better understanding of the natural world. The sociology of disasters caught my eye because though I understand how the disasters occur, I,…

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Natural Disasters in Caribbean Region

A disaster is described as a sudden, adverse event that disturbs the operating of a community or society and causes human, economic and environmental losses. It usually surpasses the community’s or society’s capacity to adapt utilizing its own assets. Even though its frequently caused by nature, disasters can have human starting points. The Caribbean region…


Natural Disasters

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The Effects of Natural Disasters on Less Developed Countries

Natural disasters are devastating no matter where they occur, but countries and cultures react and react and rebuild differently. Religion, healthcare, politics, development and national budget all effect how a country reacts after the devastation of a natural disaster. Whether it be a hurricane, tornado, tsunami, earthquake or any other type of natural disaster people’s…



Natural Disasters

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Social Struggles Resulting from Natural Disasters

Abstract Over the past century, the Caribbean has suffered more than five hundred (500) natural disasters. These natural disasters often result in diseases, injuries, fatalities and other negative mental and physical health effects. Disasters can result in social grievances and resource scarcities which can trigger social conflicts. These natural hazards also effect economic growth in…

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Survival Plan Because of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are bound to happen and could happen at any time. It is important to have a plan on standby in case one is to happen. Things such as weather and safety, an emergency shelter, a safe room, or to evacuate are all important factors to take in when planning for a potential natural…

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Natural Disasters Destroyed Ancient Civilizations

During the second millennium B.C.E., environmental factors were a challenge to ancient civilizations around the world. These challenges could create food shortages, decrease trade, slow innovation, allow for invasion, or even cause the weakening and fall of a powerful civilization. A combination of these factors enabled the downfall of two strong civilizations around 2000 B.C.E.,…



Natural Disasters

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Elma Sands

During the summer of 1799, the city of New York was infamous for yellow fever. This summer was unusually hot, and its marshlands were home to large numbers of mosquitoes. With the fear the epidemic would spread many New Yorkers left the city for the summer months until the cool winter air returned. All hoped…

Natural Disasters

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Natural Disasters Predicting

After the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan left mass destruction and an “untold amount of human suffering” in the Philippine islands, the U.S. military began looking into using digital mapping to help predict natural disasters such as typhoons, hurricanes, and wildfires. As the temperatures of the ocean rise, experts predict that the strength of the storms will…

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Social Media in Recovering after Natural Disaster

In recent years, the world has been hit with a series of massive natural disasters, from Hurricane Katrina in USA, earthquakes in Haiti and Asia, the tsunami in country, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, extremely cold winter in Europe. With the increase of natural disasters that have occurred within the past years it’s expected…

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