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Nuclear Power Accident: Chernobyl

Pages 8 (1 821 words)

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Power

Human-beings have witnessed myriads of dates that shook the world and continued, decades and centuries later, to astonish throughout history. The name “Chernobyl” has become a synonym for one of the worst technological disasters and nuclear accidents of all time, and hence this incident is a remarkable tragedy in human history to delve into. This…

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Nuclear Power Issues: Fukushima Accident

Pages 10 (2 360 words)

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Power

Ethical Implications of Fukushima Accident The ethical dilemmas behind the Fukushima incident spread much further back than just their actions in response to the incident. After the Fukushima accident, the Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission (NAIIC) was formed with the task of investigating the causes, both direct and indirect, of the accident itself. Throughout the…

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Energy Policies of Nuclear Power

Pages 12 (2 766 words)

Nuclear Power

In today’s day and age, the debate over energy policies and the implementation and utilization of nuclear power and energy is gaining relevance. With the two most prominent political parties in the United States having varying opinions on either of these matters, there has been much conflict and debate, and little to no changes. In…

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Nuclear Power Reactor Technology

Pages 7 (1 684 words)

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Power

Today, the application of technology is taking a new turn since most individuals and organizations are adopting new technological applications in completing their tasks. In this case, technology users are seeking systems that are effective, easy to use and manage. For this reason, the old and obsolete systems are being phased out due to their…

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Debate About Should the United Kingdom Keep Its Nuclear Deterrent

Pages 6 (1 434 words)


Nuclear Power

This debate log will cover, opposing arguments presented from the ‘For’ and ‘Against’ side on whether the UK should keep its nuclear deterrent or unilaterally abandon it. At the outset, it is important to understand the definition of a nuclear deterrent, its roles and the meaning of unilaterally abandoning our nuclear weapons. There is seemingly…

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