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Animal Testing Essay Introduction Example

Abstract Animal testing is commonly used for scientific or commercial testing nowadays. However, there are many different views from different people,some may think that is good but some may think it is unacceptable. The use of animal testing results in some ethical issues that make it become a controversial issue.Within this essay, the principle of…

Animal Testing,

Environmental Protection

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Protection of Lakes in Ethiopia: Challenges and Prospects

General Descriptions of a Lake The word “lake” has different origins as different countries were given different meanings to the term Lake. For instance, the word lake comes from the Middle English word “lake” which mean ‘lake, pond, waterway’, from Old English word “lacu” to mean that ‘pond, pool, stream’, from Proto-Germanic word “*lak” which…


Environmental Protection

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Problem of Environmental Protection and Countries Development

Environmental issues and protection have become hotly discussed topics in today’s world with the growing awareness among people. While environment is a very broad term, politics and environment are deeply connected in the sense that natural resources are vital for any political economy and most of the developing countries find it difficult to strike a…


Economic Growth,

Environmental Protection

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Importance of Prioritize Environmental Protection

I would prioritize Environmental protection. We are worried about our health day by day than our poverty levels. So, we need to save this environmental world to sustain in this world. We must take care of increasing levels of globalization, deforestation. This gives huge environmental damage. After some years we would not have any water…


Environmental Protection

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Role of Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency is the most important agency for a work environment. The reason being is that without people are not allowed to work. Environmental protection agency is an agency that protects human health and the environment. It’s protection contributes to making the communities and systems diverse, sustainable and economically productive. During the 1970’s because…

Environmental Protection,

Public Health

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Environmental Industry as a Form of Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a cause and the new environmental protection law clarifies that the local people’s government should be the responsible of environmental protection. In fact, environmental protection is a by-product of urbanization and industrialization. Without industrialization and urbanization, there is no need of environmental protection. The environmental industry is industrial form of environmental protection….

Environmental Protection,


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Environmental Rights Can Help to Protect Environment

Indeed, the legal framework has changed a great deal in recent decades. It has gone from the existence of incipient legal provisions to the development of a complex administrative structure, especially autonomous, from the 1978 constitutional framework, with competences for the legislative development in the field of the environment, for its management, and for the…

Environmental Protection,


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Greener Environment

What does it mean to “Go Green,” and how is it a means of saving the environment? Going “green’ means creating a lifestyle where you reduce the amount of pollution and waste that you produce, and making an effort to protect the environment. Sadly today, many people have forgotten or have neglected the responsibility of…


Environmental Protection

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The Sustainability of our Planet

Sustainability, huh? That was my first reaction to the topic. What came to mind though, was that sustainability had something to do with things having longevity and perhaps seen as lasting forever. Another thought, was whether this longevity either involved being sustainable in good circumstances or not. And that’s were the assignment introduced Ecological Footprint…


Environmental Protection,


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Globalization and Its Impact on the Environment Argumentative Essay

Globalization, by definition, is the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and government. Globalization has grown throughout the years due to advance in transportation and communication technology. From an economic perspective, globalization involves goods, services, technology, and data. Though many scholars place the origins of globalization in modern times, others trace its history…

Economic Growth,


Environmental Protection,


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What to do if you have a task to write an environmental protection essay? It may be hard to research a topic from a scratch and write any paper. But to make this task easier, you can check out our essay examples. They can give you a lot of ideas for your essay.

Currently, environmental protection is a path we need to take, because many plant species are disappearing, entire populations of rare animals are on the verge of extinction. The ecological situation across the planet has reached a critical point.

Many countries lack natural resources, in particular drinking water. The world is slowly approaching environmental disasters.

A big problem for the environment is the pollution of the population’s waste. To take a part in environmental protection, it is necessary to properly sort the waste and send it for recycling.

Exhaust gases from motor vehicles and chemical emissions into the atmosphere (during the operation of factories) pollute the air. At the same time, forests are destroyed, respectively, there are fewer trees that enrich it with oxygen. At the moment, this problem is of high urgency. The paper needs to be recycled to keep forests from being cut down. Polluted air negatively affects human health, therefore, more attention needs to be paid to creating a favorable climate in all corners of the planet.

Poaching has endangered many species of animals. Every year, many endangered species are killed to obtain valuable fur and leather. More effective measures are needed to prevent poaching.

Everyone can make a contribution to environmental protection. For example, it is very important to send all waste for recycling. Also, it is advisable to install solar panels, which will eliminate the use of electrical energy and, thus, save resources. The careful use of water will provide it to all corners of the planet, at the moment, the countries of the Third World need it.

Many students try to help with helping the environment by researching this topic and writing environmental protection essays and spreading a lot of information on the topic to share the idea that protecting the environment is very important for the planet.

environmental protection

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