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5 Tips against Winter Bacon

Do not bury your head in the sand, because there are two more strokes on the scale than you would otherwise. Here, experts talk about quite normal weight fluctuations, which can occur every now and then for very different reasons. However, you have to fight in the cold season with the well-known winter bacon. It’s…

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What is Better, Winter or Summer?

Winter and summer are two contrasts, two opposites, one in its magnificence. Each time has own approach to our hearts. Personally, I was born in the summer, and I like more this time of year. Moreover, in my country we have many different types of fruits and vegetables in the summer. Fruits are juicy and…



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10 Tips to Ensure Your Fleet is Prepared for Winter Season

Have you done a winter vehicle check and is your fleet prepared for the winter season? Notwithstanding both the UK and Ireland for the most part getting away from the most exceedingly terrible winters and the sort of substantial snowfall that influences other European zones, the sensational changes to worldwide atmosphere has shown us that…

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5 Tips For Surviving the Winter Frigid Temperatures

These past few days have seen the thermometer dip to some of the lowest recorded temperatures that have been seen for decades. There is no doubt Father Winter has it out for the Northeast with the sub-zero windchill, snow, and ice. Despite these frigid temperatures, Winter can be a beautiful and enjoyable time of year…



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5 Activities for Indoor Winter Fun  

When winter weather moves the fun indoors, it’s easy to catch a case of cabin fever. Before you turn to TV and junk food to cure winter woes, try playing an interactive game, creating a craft or getting a group together to star in a DIY talent show. Even when the weather outside is frightful,…



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Why Do People Like to Make Snowmen During the Winter Holidays?

Some people love building snowmen so much that a woman from Maine made a 122-foot tall anthropomorphic snow sculpture (Wikipedia.com). Snowmen have been a childhood tradition for many, many years. The tradition of building snowmen was first documented in 1380, and they were built for political debates in the 1500s and 1600s (Wikipedia.com). The snowman…



Winter Break

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Winter Break or Summer Break

If you were a student in middle school then you probebly have witnessed one of the two major breaks, winter break and summer break. Both give the oportunity to have time away from school, but if you look at both very close, you can see multiple differences with summer being the best. Summer break is…




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