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How Our Actions Affect the Earth

The manner in which we affect our Earth can be both positive as well as negative. We will discuss the impacts of population, poverty, affluence and technology on the environment and natural resources. We have come through a lot by disturbing the nature and surpassing other species to become the most dominant species of the…

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Environmental Issues We Face Today

Environment: Environment is anything that is around us, it can be living or non-living things. Living things live in the environment and constantly interact with it. But sadly the natural environment of Pakistan is not as good as it needs to be and it is facing some serious issues which require attention of not only…


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Environmental Issues

Analysis of Environmental Degradation in Somalia and Sudan

Introduction The Environment is everything around us, be it living or not-living. It includes everything we rely on in our daily lives and it supports us and more of like important elements we can’t do without and are essential for our living. For example air, water, and soil. Our environment is progressively becoming worse day…




Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues in Malaysia

What is exactly our top environmental issues in Malaysia that we are currently dealing with?The simplest thing that first came across in our mind are definitely the trios which are the land, air and water pollution. Land pollution is the degradation and the defilement of the land caused directly or indirectly by human actions. The…


Environmental Issues

Transportation and Environmental Issues

Abstract Environmentalism has been described as the huge power shaping the economy, just as the most significant issue confronting business during the 1990s. An analysis reports the findings of a survey to evaluate the administration of environmental problems and issues in logistics. The investigation mainly focuses upon the serious issues, effects, and techniques identifying with…


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Environmental Issues in Operations Management

Have you at any point pondered environmental issues in operations management? Each business endeavors to improve profitability and quality, decrease expenses and conveyance times, and grasp adaptability and development. These techniques are a piece of the Operations Management exercises that administration and assembling associations participate in. Shockingly, these practices are turning into an inexorably issue…


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Current Issues in Environmental Chemistry

One of the issues faced in environmental chemistry is the genetic modification of crops. Genetic modification of crops involves the alteration or insertion of genetic material that is DNA which somehow in a manner does not happen naturally. A few technologies that are involved is usually called “contemporary biotechnology” or “recombinant DNA technology”. The technologies…



Environmental Issues

News Coverage of Environmental Issues in Indian Media

India is one of the fastest growing population (1.3 billion) in the world today and it’s far behind most others when it comes to preserving the environment and the ecology. Today, our country is riddled with a number of environmental concerns which have only aggravated in the last few decades. These include air pollution, poor…

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Environmental Issues that Caused by Oil and Gas Industry

The nature is constantly changing. However, as nature alternate, so does demand to become increasingly conscious of the problems that have a concern with it. The environmental troubles like global warming, acid rain, air pollution, urban sprawl, waste disposal, ozone layer depletion, water pollution, climate change and many more affect mankind and wildlife on this…

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Flood Management in Metropolitan Area of Curitiba

The Metropolitan Area of Curitiba is the second largest capital which located in the Southern Brazilian State of Paraná. The Metropolitan Area of Curitiba have humid subtropical highland climate with some feature of the Oceanic climate which cause exceedingly large precipitation all year around and moderately warm or summer. (, n.d.) The city has moderate…


Environmental Issues

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