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Impact of Transportation on Environment

Abstract Human activities, “especially transportation, have disastrous effects on humans, animals, plants and the environment as a whole. One of the most worrying matter today is the protection of the environment. Having a better environment to meet the different needs of human is one of the most important goals to reach. Transportation is an essential…

Air Pollution,


Environment Pollution,


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Consumer Behavior and Environmental Pollution Issues

Abstract Consumer behavior and thoughts towards plastics in the United States has become a typical conversation at the dinner table, clubs, restaurants and in our government. Some view having a band on certain plastics will help with the pollutions we have in the ocean and our lands. One of these controversial plastics in conversations is…

Consumer Behavior,



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Outdoor Education

I believe outdoor learning experiences are essential to students’ development. Their motor skills, language skills, thinking skills, are all enhanced by outdoor learning. Just playing outside and away from technology is a benefit. Outdoor learning promotes the spark of curiosity in the student and encourages them to explore the environment. “Holistic education is at its…




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Water Depletion

In Colorado along the Colorado River, stunning changes are happening because of a drought. The evidence shows us that the drought has caused the landscape to change in the desert. Moving forward we must consider that there will be limited choices for drinking water, and not to use water for unnecessary things. Judging by the…

Clean Drinking Water,



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Principle and Features of Environmental Ethics

The report is about the environmental ethics. Basically, environmental ethics is the study of human interaction with nature. It refers to the moral relationship of human and non-human entities. It is a part of environmental philosophy which helps to extend the traditional boundaries of ethics including human to non-human world. Humans are a very essential…



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Flood Management in Metropolitan Area of Curitiba

The Metropolitan Area of Curitiba is the second largest capital which located in the Southern Brazilian State of Paraná. The Metropolitan Area of Curitiba have humid subtropical highland climate with some feature of the Oceanic climate which cause exceedingly large precipitation all year around and moderately warm or summer. (En.wikipedia.org, n.d.) The city has moderate…


Environmental Issues

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The Impact of Green Banking in Ecological Protection Review

Abstract The green banking has its own magnitude in the modern period. It is an umbrella term referring to practices, protective and guidelines that make banks sustainable in economic, environment, and social dimensions. It aims to make banking processes and the use of IT and physical infrastructure as efficient and effective as possible, with zero…




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Effects of Alien Vegetation on Fire

Introduction Fire dependent ecosystems are ecosystems that have evolved with fire as an essential contributor to habitat vitality and renewal. Many South African vegetation types depend on fire and majority of plant species in fire dependent ecosystems need fire to germinate, establish, or to reproduce therefore suppressing fire in these ecosystems does not only help…


Environmental Issues,


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Transportation and Environmental Issues

Abstract Environmentalism has been described as the huge power shaping the economy, just as the most significant issue confronting business during the 1990s. An analysis reports the findings of a survey to evaluate the administration of environmental problems and issues in logistics. The investigation mainly focuses upon the serious issues, effects, and techniques identifying with…


Environmental Issues,


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Nurses’ Working Environment

A good working environment is crucial for employee satisfaction and productivity. Patient care is directly related to the quality of work environment of nurses (Kramer and Schmalenberg, 2008:105). A negative environment causes employees to be unhappy with their jobs, and makes them less productive (Halfman, 2012:226). Florence Nightingale went further to state that a ‘healing’…




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