How Do Oil Spills Impact the Environment? Argumentative Essay

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My audience for my argumentative essay will consist of scientists, environmentalists, researchers, humanitarians, marine biologists, oil companies, and future generations. My intended audience should understand how oil spills can impact our environment and change the ecosystem. The marine life and wildlife are affected the most when an oil spill occurs in the ocean, river, or on land. It is important to bring the dangers an oil spill can have on the environment the causes and effects an Oil Spill can cause problems that take time to understand. Identifying the problem of past oil spills damaging the environment and how it affected the different aspects of the environment can help find a solution to prevent future oil spills from happening. There have been oil spill disasters that have demonstrated hazardous outcomes such as the Exxon Valdez and the BP oil rigs. Although, some companies are penalized, that doesn’t change the long-term effect the oil spill will have on the environment. Over the last 15 years, there have been significant steps to lower the number of oil spills throughout the world. My goal is to raise awareness on environmental issues across the world hopefully it inspires the youth to bettering the current conditions of the environment. Gathering as much support as possible can make a difference.

Oil plays a tremendous part in the world economy The United States depends on oil its dependency disables on preventing offshore drilling which can cause oil spills. Oil spills can be prevented if the government regulates its use by looking into finding new sources of energy.

An oil spill can occur at any time in our modern-day society through transportation, processing, and exploration Disasters leads to stringent environmental standards which are double hulled ships. One oil spill was Exxon Valdez this spill had a great impact on the Alaskan environment. This oil spill is one of the biggest oil spills in history it leaked 11 million gallons of oil into the sea. This oil spill polluted 1,300 miles of the Alaskan shoreline causing problems for many seabirds and other animals. Approximately, 250,00 seabirds and 2,800 sea otters were killed due to the oil spill. Not only was the wildlife affected, so were the Native people of Alaska. The Natives fished for a living, ate fish, and other food from the nearby waters. The fishing businesses went on a decline, but they were fortunate enough to rent their boats out to help clean the oil spill. The cleanup process took volunteers who used different methods to clean up the oil spill. Some volunteers used large hoses to clean the beaches, some used special machines to absorb the oil, and special chemicals were used to clean the bacteria from beaches. The cost to clean up the oil spill was well over $2 billion. The environment is still affected by the oil spill. (Rohland, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, 2017)

On April of 2010 the drilling platform explosion occurred at the Gulf of Mexico which brought a renewed global attention to dangerous oil spills. This oil spill was the largest oil spill disaster in history, releasing more than 200 million gallons of oil into the sea. Most of the marine life that was exposed to the harmful gases died. The coral reefs that surrounded the oil rig all died. Dolphins near the area of the spill that encountered the oil more than likely got sick by breathing the gases from the oil spill. Scientists who study the oil spill believe more than 600 sea turtles were killed. Nearly 25,000 Marine Mammals and 102 species were killed or harmed this is because oil is difficult to extract from the ocean most of the pollution will remain and spread which affects creatures in the ocean Although oil is difficult to extract there are several methods that can aid to the removal of toxic chemicals in the ocean. One method would be the use of chemicals in a process that is called chemical oxidation or chemical remediation This method is primarily used to swift clean up oil which depends on the oil spill. (Rohland, BP Oil Spill–Gulf of Mexico, 2017)

Oils spills has an impact on marine life it is deleterious to mammals fish shellfish and marine birds oil ravages the insulating competency of sea otters and dihydrogen monoxide repellency of birds feathers exposing these birds to and hazardous element that can cause hypothermia Because they do not have the faculty to repel dihydrogen monoxide in for it to insulate from the cold dihydrogen monoxide when trying to clean themselves birds and other creatures ingest oil many other sea creatures may not be exposed immediately but can be affected by oil that is mixed into the water column An adult fish can be exposed to oil can start to experience vicissitudes in the heart reduced magnification fin erosion enlarged liver reproduction impairment and respiration rates oils affect larval survival and eggs.

Human health can be affected by an oil spill. These effects can occur depending on where the oil spill acquires in the ocean, in a river, or on land. The four types of oil spills that affect the environment differently Class A, B ,C , and D humans can receive toxic effects anemia dizziness astringent respiratory distress increment heart rates if exposed to A and C Class different class of oil affects species in different ways birds marine mammals and plant life may be poisoned by the toxic contaminants in their environment. It’s possible the damage could affect your DNA, this study was provided by scientists who conducted a study of cleanup workers, who did not use protective gear while cleaning up the Prestige oil tanker off the coast of Spain and France in 2002 (Knox, 2010). The main concern for humans is a chemical called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) this chemical can cause cancer for humans.

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