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Comparing the Alternative Energy Experiences of California and Germany

Introduction In the midst of growing global distress about the importance of greenhouse gas reduction, there is increasing value in the assessment and valuation of renewable energy policies and their outcomes. While there is an overwhelming consensus that the world of energy is changing (and necessarily so), it is less clear the exact path the…

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European Union

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Strategies to Promoting Alternative Energy

Over the last century, global temperatures have climbed, sea levels have risen, and climate patterns have shifted – all largely due to the harmful CO2 emissions released by the burning of fossil fuels. Furthermore, these conventional energy sources, like oil, coal, and natural gas, have become increasingly unsustainable due to high cost and finite resources….

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Fossil Fuels,


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Assessment of Alternative Energy in China and Iceland

Technology plays an important role in our society. Since the beginning of time, humans have developed innovative means to help them with their day-to-day activities and to stabilize economic growth. They have found ways to create different sorts of items to solve their problems and satisfy certain needs, which range from the development of the…

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Renewable Energy System Using Fuzzy Logic Controller

Abstract This paper is about the performance and analysis of ZETA converter using FUZZY LOGIC CONTROLLER . Due to the increasing demand of electricity and limited conventional energy resources, solar photovoltaic energy becomes a favourable alternative as it is pollution free, freely available and has less maintenance cost. The ZETA converter is used as DC-DC…

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Solar Energy,


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The Race to Cleaner Energy

Let There Be Light reveals the story of scientists from all around the world working in collaboration to design a machine called ITER. Conceivably, ITER will, one day, produce clean, cheap, and renewable energy. The idea to create ITER resulted from the stars and how the energy they are made of—through a reaction known as…

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Future Benefits of Alternative Energy

Let’s look in the future fifty years from now and imagine what the world is like. Envision a world war with no end in sight. The reason responsible for this war is simple, oil. The whole world is hostile over those last few reserves of oil. This is can be easily stopped by the use…

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The Cost of Climate Change

Climate change refers to the change in regular weather patterns in a certain region or even the earth as a whole over a lengthy period of time. Over the past years, climate change has become a serious controversy for the issues it causes. Climate change ends up costing the global economy a great deal. Climate…

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Climate Change,


Save Environment

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Benefits of Solar Energy for Humanity

Similarly long as the Sun radiances, there is no perish for sunlight based vitality. The sun oriented vitality is accessible in enormous wholes furthermore liberated from cost, this brings out greater association in the utilization of this vitality. Sun oriented vitality has numerous uses in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life ; it very…

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Solar Energy

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Solar Energy as an Alternative to Fossil Fuels

In a world built on the cheapest, easiest conveniences of energy, Most of Our modern industrial civilization society seems blind to the other solutions available. It’s no question that burning fossil fuel causes pollution, but we are entirely dependent on its use. Our civilization is to a large extent based on using fossil fuels. Still,…

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Fossil Fuels,

Solar Energy

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Technologies of Solar Energy

Introduction Solar power is sun-based energy that is converted into thermal or electric energy. Solar power is the cleanest and most plentiful source of renewable energy available and the US has some of the world’s richest solar resources. Solar technologies can harness that energy for a variety of uses, including electricity generation, light or comfortable…

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Solar Energy

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