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Environmental Science: Ecology

What is environmental science? Is it the way nature plays a role on earth? How about the way around 100 billion animals, fungi, plants, and bacteria live all together on one planet? Or it could be about the soil, water, the mountains, and the wind. Those are all parts of environmental science but, there is…



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Ecological Research in Pandemic Crisis

As a Psychology major during this period of a pandemic crisis brought by SARS-CoViD-2, everything I have learned in my Biology class can be applied to better prepare and protect communities. Lessons regarding Ecology can be very much involved in creating a plan for quarantine measures during a pandemic. As formerly introduced to us, ecology…




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Urban Ecology and Its Connection with Sociology

Urban nature is the examination of system structure and relationship as show in urban networks. Urban condition is stressed over the instances of orchestrating and change by budgetary status, life cycle, and ethnicity, and with instances of relations transversely over structures of urban networks. Of explicit concern is the dynamic advancement of urban regions and…



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Drones Changing Ecology

Drones are changing the way that ecologist do their research. Drones or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are being frequently used to help scientists do their research on what they’re try to observe. UAVs can also help scientist make 3D images of the land scapes. UAVs help get samples of animals or help see landscapes of…




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The Social Ecology Model

Murima (2013) in his/her study defined and applied The Social Ecology Model. This four-tier model shows how each level is interdependent on the other, and how each level can have an effect on health behaviours including sexual behavior. By using the Social Ecology Model, this study seeks to present the relationship between the different levels…



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How Climate Change Impacts the Economy

It is becoming increasingly apparent to world scientific and economic experts, that the predicted effects of climate change will have disastrous effects on both global and national economies. A fact highlighted by the recently issued Fourth National Climate Assessment by the US government, which stated that climate change is likely to effect their economic output…



Global Warming and Climate Change,

Green Energy

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NYPIRG is the true student advocacy group here at purchase. They are the largest non-profit organization in New York led by students. NYPIRG has lobbied officials in Albany to protect our students rights. NYPIRG is the student driven action for students, by students. The work that I put forth as a NYPIRG project leader was…


Green Energy

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Climate Change and It Solves

Dr. S Johnson FYS 1104 31/01/2019 Topic Analysis: Clean-Energy Job Creation in an Overpopulated World I’ve always thought of myself as a pragmatist. Climate change, the energy crisis, and overpopulation all go hand in hand. To say that climate change would be solved by instantly having the world’s governments declare fossil fuels illegal is naive….


Global Warming and Climate Change,

Green Energy

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Climate Change

The climate change is caused by greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere. This has to change and we have to start to doing everything we can to turn this situation around. We have to focus on what causes the most greenhouse gas accumulation. Furthermore, we have to find solutions and act on it, as soon…


Global Warming and Climate Change,

Green Energy

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Paris Accord

Introduction President Donald Trump has shocked not only the United States but the world by announcing on July 1st, 2017 to everyone that this would be the first country to join the Paris climate change agreement. Not too long after Trump announced that the United States was going to withdraw from the Paris climate change…


Green Energy,


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