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Environmental Science: Ecology

Pages 12 (2 863 words)



What is environmental science? Is it the way nature plays a role on earth? How about the way around 100 billion animals, fungi, plants, and bacteria live all together on one planet? Or it could be about the soil, water, the mountains, and the wind. Those are all parts of environmental science but, there is…

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Ecological Research in Pandemic Crisis

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As a Psychology major during this period of a pandemic crisis brought by SARS-CoViD-2, everything I have learned in my Biology class can be applied to better prepare and protect communities. Lessons regarding Ecology can be very much involved in creating a plan for quarantine measures during a pandemic. As formerly introduced to us, ecology…

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Urban Ecology and Its Connection with Sociology

Pages 2 (447 words)



Urban nature is the examination of system structure and relationship as show in urban networks. Urban condition is stressed over the instances of orchestrating and change by budgetary status, life cycle, and ethnicity, and with instances of relations transversely over structures of urban networks. Of explicit concern is the dynamic advancement of urban regions and…

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Industrial Ecology Methods for Environment Pollution

Pages 3 (712 words)


Environment Pollution

Environmental Pollution

Industrial Ecology (IE) The complete opposite of this method as it assumes that the industrial system is a component of the ecosystem. Can be described in terms of energy, materials and information flows. Goes beyond pollution and environmental issues. It requires addressing technologies, process economics, business relationships, financing, and overall government politics on the management…

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The Effects of Deforestation in the Environments Cycle

Pages 2 (366 words)





Deforestation is the act of cutting down and clearing out trees in large amounts, this is occurring. In many areas of the world. specifically in the rainforests of South America and Africa. It is very profitable to be In the tree business and that is the reason many people seek to be hired in this…

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The Oil Palm Agriculture Fuels the Tropical Deforestation Crisis

Pages 3 (624 words)





High risk of global warming and deforestation rates rise as farmers and logging companies tear down millions of trees in Asia, Africa and South America. These trees are being cleared to make way for the mass production of palm oil trees. Oil palm trees produce a type of edible vegetable oil that is obtained from…

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Embracing Recycling: A Pathway to Environmental Sustainability

Pages 3 (506 words)


Climate Change



It is more crucial than ever to hunt for answers as environmental issues throughout the globe become worse.  I’ll go through the several advantages of recycling to ecological harmony and long-term survival in this article. Last but not least, recycling boosts the eco-friendly economy. It encourages the creation of green goods and services, as well…

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Sustainability: An Unveiling of Unseen Connections

Pages 3 (705 words)



In an ever-changing world, the concept of sustainability has emerged as a guiding beacon, directing humanity toward a future that balances the needs of the present without compromising the potential of generations yet to come. Often relegated to discussions on environmentalism or conservation, sustainability extends beyond these narrow boundaries. It weaves itself into the fabric…

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Ecological Literary Criticism

Pages 9 (2 233 words)


Literary Criticism

Ecological literary criticism is a new interdisciplinary and cross-cultural literary criticism theory.Since the second half of the twentieth century, mankind has faced an unprecedented ecological crisis and survival crisis. If the crisis is not effectively contained, human beings as a biological population will likely disappear from the earth in the near future. It is in…

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Environment and Ecology Isuues

Pages 2 (424 words)


Environment Pollution


Save Environment

Environment is the catch word for the present century and there is sound reason for that. We have example evidence and data now to establish that our environment and ecology is at great risk currently. The price of rampant industrialization and modernization has left our environment staring at a possibility of irrecoverable damage. One of…

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