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Effective Study Strategies Review

Pages 7 (1 646 words)



Study Skills

Remember not that long ago when you first found out you had been accepted into college? How did you feel? You walked into those doors on the first day not knowing what to expect and then classes started and you were faced with an overwhelming amount of work. College is here to get you to…

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Is the High Price of College Worth It Anymore

Pages 6 (1 274 words)

College Education

Importance Of College Education

Is College Worth It

College is very beneficial to someone’s long-term success. The biggest issue many workers have today is being unhappy in what they do. People stay in jobs for years just because the need for money is greater than the need to be happy. Sometimes even being a hard worker in a minimum wage paying job will…

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One hot and rainy afternoon in the summer of 2017

Pages 3 (574 words)

Physical Therapy

One hot and rainy afternoon in the summer of 2017, my mom, my brother and I just got done shopping at Best Buy, it was really cool by the way. Anyways, we just got back to our house and was about to run inside when all of a sudden I had an idea to play…

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The Issue of How a Negative Self-Concept Can Affect Achievement of Gifted Students

Pages 8 (1 814 words)


Self Concept


This paper adresses the issue of how a negative self concept can effect achievement of gifted students. it specifically focuses on the effect of acedemic achievement, discusses what it means to be both an underachiever and have a negative self concept, how to identify these students and what family and teachers can do about this….

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Classroom Observation of a Boy Named Arthur

Pages 4 (760 words)

Classroom Observation



Reason for Referral Arthur was referred for educational testing as part of his three year re-evaluation as required by state regulations and as determined by the team. Background Information Arthur is a 9.4 year old boy who attends the third grade at Cranston Public Schools in Cranston, Rhode Island. Arthur has been attending Cranston Public…

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Stop Thinking With a Fixed Mindset and Instead Think With a Growth Mindset

Pages 2 (493 words)

Growth Mindset



Most people are aware of America’s illiteracy problem, otherwise known as people’s inability to read or write. However, what they may not be aware of is a bigger problem called innumeracy. Innumeracy is a person’s inability to comprehend mathematical concepts and methods. According to a research study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education’s National…

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A Self-Evaluation on the Prowess of Writing Skills Evaluation

Pages 5 (1 200 words)



Self Evaluation

Coming into WRT 150, I would say that I was an inexperienced writer. Although I was only one ACT point away from taking WRT 160, I am glad that I had to take WRT 150 first. I did not feel that I was prepared in high school for college writing. I did not know much…

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Racist and Biased Treatments in Mother Tongue by Amy Tan

Pages 3 (693 words)


Mother Tongue


As children, we were subjected to different degrees of racism, prejudice, and stereotypes that existed before we were even born. As we grow up and mature, these pervasive ideas continue to wander around in our society, attacking one group after another. Likewise, in the essay “Mother Tongue” (1993), Amy Tan recalls several racist and biased…

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Mrs. Sen’s Difficult Move From Her Hometown

Pages 5 (1 161 words)




28 September 2018 Moving to a new country can be a difficult transition for anyone. Many problems can arise for most people. One might struggle to learn a new language, laws, rules, or social norms. In “Mrs. Sen’s,” a short story, written by Jhumpa Lahiri, Mrs. Sen struggles to obtain a sense of empowerment. Mrs….

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A Perspective of the Advantages of Homeschooling

Pages 2 (386 words)


I’ve had several experiences that could be identified as the most significant but when it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of each, homeschooling has the upper hand. It has been the experience that tones and highlights every aspect of my life. While other students in the traditional school setting have a life of two…

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Education is the process of sharing and or receiving systematic instructions from someone, usually of higher status.

Education is an important tool used in society since the dawn of time. Whether it comes to waging wars, military intelligence, to further pursue a life of the intelligence. Without intelligence, humans would be forced to conform to living in the dark ages once again. Education is fundamental as well as economic for the world.

Without the use of education, certain things such as cars or more importantly trade wouldn’t be possible. Education teaches people such as merchants how to make a living by selling products that the community will find useful. It teaches students in law school to be good at what they do and be the best they can be at their jobs.

Education is a major part of human history, the evolution of light sources such as primitive fires to modern daylight bulbs started with a single thought, and because Thomas Edison had the education and was smart enough to create something that would revolutionize the way humans use light. Another example is Alexander Graham Bell, the creator of the telephone.

Alexander G. Bell’s knowledge didn’t come out of thin air. He knew that in order to make the telephone be able to work, he had to understand which circuit would work together properly as well as produce a strong enough electrical current that people could communicate with one another from great distances.

Both of these geniuses would no have been able to make such a big impact without having received an education and understanding of electrical currents.

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