5 Attributes a Teacher Must Have to Teach Islam

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In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful.


Alhamdulillah, I thank Allah for giving me the strength and yet an opportunity to be able to attempt this assignment, with the instruction to write and discuss on five attributes a teacher must possess to teach Islam.

Teaching is one of the major ways of spreading the knowledge of Islam. It is also a profession in Islam that has been promoted by Allah (SWT) and his messenger Muhammad (SAW) as reported in a hadith that The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” Narrated by al-Bukhaari (5027).Based on this fact, one could say teaching Islam is a way of worshiping Allah as it was narrated from Abu Umaamah al-Baahili from the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) that he said: “The virtue of the learned man over the worshipper is like my virtue over the least of you.

Verily Allah and His Angels and the inhabitants of the heavens and the earths, even the ant in its hole and even the fish send blessings upon the one who teaches the people good.” Like many other professions, teaching also has some requirements. That is to say, a teacher in Islam needs to possess some qualities in other to be able to teach. Some of these requirements are as follows: Piety (fear Allah), passionate, good personality, knowledgeable, exemplary (good role model).


First of all, a teacher in Islam must be someone pious (someone who fears Allah). Piety should be the foundation of everything a believer does especially when teaching Islam, as it is narrated that Imam Ahmad said “The foundation of knowledge is the fear of Allah.’ This does not only apply to the one who is seeking knowledge but also to the one giving out knowledge. With the fear of Allah, the teacher would be able share his knowledge in the way Allah commands him to. He would also be able to guide the learner through right path. He would also always endeavor to acquire and maintain all the other qualities, since piety is the foundation of all these qualities. Without piety,


Secondly, the teacher must have passion towards teaching Islam. Passion or love for teaching Islam is another important quality that defines how effective the teacher will be able to deliver. With passion the teacher will be dedicated, enthusiastic and always prepare to give the learners the best out of his knowledge and capabilities. Also with passion, the teacher would not be carried away by worldly material which deviates one from the ethics of his profession. A passionate teacher towards teaching Islam is always committed, hardworking and would be able to cope with different challenges. Without passion, a teacher would


Thirdly, a teacher in Islam must have the knowledge required to teach Islam. A teacher in Islam should have the prerequisite knowledge. This is the knowledge needed to able to always give the students accurate information they need to learn. Learners will always be confident and willing to acquire the knowledge being given to them by the teacher, if they realize that the teacher has genuine knowledge on the subject matter. The knowledge of the methodology of teaching is also very important. If one knows the subject matter but does not how to deliver it to his/her student, the teaching process becomes futile. Having knowledge on the Islamic subjects or curriculum will save the teacher from misguiding or misinforming the learners which is disastrous in Islam.

Good Personality and Character on the Basis of Islamic Creed

Another quality a teacher in Islam must possess is good personality and character. A teacher in Islam should have good communication skill. That is, he should be a good speaker and listener too. The manner at which a teacher speaks is also very important, as this can determine the willingness of the teacher to always impact the knowledge to the learners in an easy and efficient way. He/she has to be modest in both clothing in behavior.

As an Islamic teacher, one should always remember that he/she is a role model and students look up to him/her and try to copy their characters. One should be cautious not to involve in activities that contradict the teachings of Islam. He/she should respectable and exemplary. However, he/she should always perform or do what he/she teaches and preaches; hence he has responsibility to instill Islamic value in the learners. He should be able to come down to the level of his students.

Patience is also a very good character that a teacher in Islam must possess. He/she is expected to able assist learners from different backgrounds and also different learning abilities as well as manages teaching resources which might be scarce. In terms of difficulties in the teaching process, it is patience that will lead him/her to achieving the set goals. The rapport between the teacher and his/her learners is another aspect that needs to be strong. If there is a strong rapport between the teacher and the students, he/she will be able to always make learning interesting and efficient. He should not be bias when it comes to issues between the learners.


Lastly, a teacher in Islam should be flexible. He/she should not be too lenient neither too strict. The flexibility of the teacher will at all times help him/her to be decisive and have his/her decisions adhered to by the learners. He/she should be able to make the learners understand and distinguish the state of seriousness or relevant issues from unseriousness or irrelevant issues.

In conclusion, the attributes of a teacher to teach Islam is not limited to above mentioned ones. However, without these attributes especially pity, one cannot be considered a teacher good teacher in Islam. Therefore, for one to teach Islam the person needs to possess these qualities and others that are not mentioned in here. Insha Allah, with these qualities Allah will guide and protect the teacher for is following the right path.


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