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Advantages And Disadvantages Of School Uniforms

Updated October 13, 2020

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of School Uniforms essay

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Today school uniforms have been a controversial debate. Just like any other debate there are also many pro’s and con’s. School uniforms have a variety of unknown negative effects. But at the same time they also have numerous positive effects. All of the positive effects are shown throughout the students attendance, academics, and lastly their behaviors. The negative effects are the annual cost, terminates the way the students can express who they are, and it also limits the whole concept of diversity.

By making school uniforms mandatory, many changes of a students behavior may occur. For example, by involving school uniforms into the system it may prevent the drama, harassment, and the verbal abuse among the student body. But when student are able to choose their own clothing, they show how they want to express themselves. The student body will differentiate between each student obviously. But not everyone will like the way others dress. The younger group of children, will humor themselves because of other children’s appearances and will often pick on each other. Not everybody has kindness inside them which can cause some students to do unsympathetic actions that can hurt others. A student’s expression through their clothes can help build confidence in themselves. But with school uniforms put in place, it would so much harder to bully or tease each other because they are wearing the same thing.

The major con to school uniforms, is that it can limit to showing their self identity and that is important to many of the students out there because this is also how people can find their friends. But it can raise the best in many students such as achieving better grades, creating less drama within the students, or even reducing the violence that take place during school. But people can see other people’s clothing they can make general infer to see if they are compatible to be friends. Another reason is that, when people can show their individuality, it can boost ones’ happiness by a lot, and that can very much change their mood.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of School Uniforms essay

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