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Fake News in South Africa Context

We live in this generational era that is called digital age where everyone one what to be the source of information and most times the information that is been sent to the masses is false. In this age lies are considered to be the new truth and they reach a massive number of people faster…

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Media Analysis

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Fake News in Media and Verifying Information

Fake news has become a common problem in society these days. It has become a problem for people to differentiate between fake news and real news. Fake news is usually fabricated stories. The sources that disseminate fake news do so intentionally to deceive the masses and sometimes grossly distort actual news reports. Fake news is…

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Fake News and Social Media Analytical Essay

Introduction According to Dictionary.com, 21 June 2019, Article: Social Media, Social Media is “websites and other online means of communication that are used by large groups of people to share information and to develop social and professional contacts.” In this new generation of technology advancement, the internet and social media has greatly influenced us, by…

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Social Media

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How to Detect Fake News

Related to social spamming, another extensively thought about the point of view is that of phony/fake studies. Counterfeit reviews are regularly found on online business destinations and media study aggregators (for instance Spoiled Tomatoes7), and conventionally mean to improve or upset the pervasiveness of a given thing. As of late communicated, we won’t revolve around…

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The Impact of Fake News Persuasive Essay

Introduction The meaning of ‘fake’ is not genuine or counterfeit. Fake news has been going on since the 1800s (Standage, 2017), but recently the upsurge of fake news has heightened. In a current survey to identify fake news, 4 in 5 were confident, but 90% got at least 1 wrong (Huiwen, 2018). As recent as…

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Media Analysis

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Taking Responsibility for Fake News

In regard to fake news, Stanford psychologist, Sam Wineburg said, “We are all driving cars, but none of us have licenses.” In the age of social media each individual must take personal responsibility for identifying and preventing the spread of fake news. There are three main points to consider in relation to fake news today….

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Social Media

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Fake News Detection on Text

Introduction There is a platitude that fake news issue might be fathomed naturally and effectively, with no human impedance in it, by utilization of man-made reasoning. This can be brought about by the expansion of deep learning and other man-made consciousness systems (AI) that gave us that they can be successful and can be demonstrated…

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Fake News in America Review

The quest to satisfy human needs, wants, and desires has been the fuel that has enabled globalization to take off at the pace it currently is going through. In addition, the developments in technology and transportation has enabled the rapid movement of ideas and people from the remotest areas of the Earth. This is what…

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Federal government

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Fake News and Skeptical Thinking

Years ago, news concerning tsunami hoax through spam text messages has caused tremendous mob panic across Batangas and Quezon. The incident has left a 60-year old person deceased. Residents living within the cities has not an idea about how tsunami occurs, in which it became a lesson to everybody. We can see how the distribution…

Critical Reflection,

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Importance of Recognizing Fake News

How do you handle an epidemic in the age of fake news? There are the official orchestrated statements from LGU’s and other governing bodies and also advices driven by experts or what we call the science-based. Then here comes the lies and theories spreading all over the World Wide Web faster than 299, 792, 458…

Critical Reflection,

Fake News,


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The world is faced with fake news today and it’s unfortunate that they spread faster like fire. If you are not careful, you may end up being misled by the ones who spread them. Be on the lookout always to avoid falling for their trap. Do thorough research before daring to believe in anything you hear around. Fake news essays will enlighten you on them.
Fake news comes from many sources around the world. Some of them include:
Internet- This is globally known to be the leading source of fake news. Some of these untrue stories can really destroy one’s life. A story about a certain person or something else can be made out of nowhere and believed to be true. These stories tend to influence how we see people, their opinions, our views concerning certain things etc. The news can also be spread through social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, What sap etc. Look for fake news essay samples to learn this.

Official sources of propaganda- Politicians and governments are known to be affected by such news. Most of them are manipulated by the public and as much as they try to rectify this, they still find it difficult to solve the problem.

Other sources include Activists, marketers, Individual hoaxers etc. To help you in learning more about this news are the essays about fake news.

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