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Updated October 13, 2020

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The management component of each organization needs communication to interact because it is so important in the organization. This communication is also intended to update policy-related workers to mitigate weather disasters, to ensure the safety of the entire management of the organization by observing the attitude of employees and the effectiveness of communication is an indispensable effect of effective management. Therefore, in order for an organization to succeed in order to succeed, an organization must have a comprehensive set of principles or strategies for communicating with teams and stakeholders and communities outside the company. (Admin, 2020).

Technology is a tool that human beings have developed from the beginning. Powerful technological changes have led to profound changes in social structure, and how individuals contribute to society and earn income. Rapid technology can speed up the work done by many people. This happens at work when the use of robotics, internet and even man-made intelligence. The transparent use of this technology has led to the enactment of work issues. So, the industrial revolution that prevailed in the past decade and is still causing social unrest, riots and looting of many parties. The digital revolution may be more suitable, in a large and complex economy that is interconnected with a clear answer (O’Halloran, 2015).

Covid-19 is a respiratory infection caused by a new coronary virus found in hubei province china. Covid-19 is considered by the world health organization who is a public health anxiety. Therefore many workers at management organization may have doubts about their potential because of cessation at work. Addition, a steps to take to ensure their well-being (annex 2020). The covid-19 pandemic has taken on unpredictable and unpredictable mobility variables that some of the crisis plans and teams have been able to overcome. in addition many companies have successfully developed crisis-specific incident designs and the organization now works for the economy.

The negative impact of this outbreak on organizational management

Workers are more likely to lose their jobs

The negative impact of this outbreak on organizational management is having a direct impact on almost every kind of employment sector in the country. All workers are facing a huge challenge in this era of the Covid-19 outbreak. This is because usually May 1 has been declared a national holiday in our country as the appreciate the works that government workers from the government to all employees whether private or public. In addition, for usual Labor Day celebrations will also be enlivened by mass gatherings as well as marches by different groups representing their respective organizations. However, this year we have not been able to hold such a gathering, but the workers\’ position also appears to be at risk, challenging and alarming for the Covid-19 crime (Hameed, 2020).

In addition, workers in the wake of the Movement Control Order (CPP) and the threat of the Covid-19 epidemic are unemployment or termination, no pay or termination of income and need to familiarize with the work culture of the home. The drastic action of employers who have to lay off workers in order to reduce their losses. In addition, there are other employers who cannot pay their salaries because the operation of the premises has to be closed. As a result, workers lose their jobs, lose their jobs in total, and many of them lose their jobs because of the crisis (Hameed, 2020).

In addition, workers in the manufacturing or industrial sectors, construction, services and wage laborers are among those who are fortunate. Although some of these sectors are allowed to operate, limited and contracted business opportunities have forced employers to consider options to reduce operating costs. As a result, their future position remains blurred and in the midst of puzzling puzzles and their biggest challenge is having to find other jobs after the CPP ends and it is not an easy job (Hameed, 2020).

Workers have to work from home

This crisis season affects workers when they have to work from home. Therefore, the concept of working from home is still considered a new thing in our country as home work has not been a culture between employers and workers in the country following the outbreak. Thus, when workers are suddenly asked to do their homework from home, workers begin to become anxious and new to the culture by learning to use the media to interact with their peers. There are some workers who need to explain how not all types of work can be done from home. For example, manufacturing and manufacturing sector workers cannot do anything from home. They need to be in front of the plant and the machinery and equipment to carry out their work because their scope of work differs from their office work (Hameed, 2020).

However, for workers who can work from home especially in the areas of service and administrative management as well as jobs that involve using computers and information technology even though they can do the work from home, they need to be provided with the necessary facilities such as computers and the Internet. Being in such a situation causes employees to think about their employer willing to increase their operating costs. When their thoughts are filled with questions, workers become victims of situations where they are likely to be laid off because they cannot work from home. Obviously, based on the rank of worker especially the Covid-19 season is quite alarming. Workers have begun to wonder whether the employer will continue to retire or retire (Hameed, 2020).

Therefore, the discomfort of workers when forced to work from home cannot be discouraged and frustrated. As workers we should take this opportunity to explore whatever opportunities exist for life in Covid-19 that will never be the same for us. In fact, all workers need to be prepared to adapt to these new habits that will lead to a greater lifestyle. As a result, the working class will not have much choice to pursue a job other than working from home. For this reason, every class of workers must adapt immediately or continue to lose their jobs and survive the crisis. For example, working from home should be accepted as it can become a new norm in our country’s employment sector because people who are forced to become victims of this Covid-19 crime must immediately seek other opportunities such as online trading or e-commerce concepts (Hameed, 2020). So, work from home by conducting online discussions and meetings for organizations (Race, 2020).

The negative effect is to increase unemployment especially in the services sector

The attitude of the Ministry of Human Resources (SME) in ensuring that unemployed workers are not dismissed and paid in full during the CPP raises concerns among employers who see it as unfair. Employers’ complaints were met by the Government when announcing a salary increase from RM600 to RM1,200 per worker. The government also encourages employers to negotiate with workers. In addition to health effects, lack of job security can also affect workers’ attitudes such as decreased work performance, loss of trust in the organization, and increased intention to quit. (Rahman, 2020)

In addition, employers’actions in addressing the financial implications of the company during the COVID-19 pandemic will indirectly affect employees’ perceptions and attitudes toward employers. Thus, employers can minimize the impact of breach of psychological contract through employee involvement in decision making, bilateral communication, honesty, transparency, and assurance that all forms of action taken are temporary (Rahman, 2020).


Risk professionals in many industries are required to quickly assess the short-term and long-term effects of an emerging coronavirus outbreak. When it comes to designing the potential to address risks and challenges for the future, they respond quickly because they are under tremendous pressure. Demand for rapid response along with the need to predict future risks and develop plans to continue normal operations is sufficient to suppress even the strongest risk management preparations. Communicating with employees, partners, customers and others is important to ensure that all stakeholders understand the situation and support your risk reduction efforts (J. Tracy, 2020).
As organizational management has enhanced its communication strategy around coronavirus outbreaks, there are suggestions for ways in which communication in organizational management can be efficiently implemented in times of crisis.

Make Your Task Force Permanent

Most of the management of the company has set up an internal team to monitor, manage the progress of COVID-19, determine the response and actions needed. Risk managers certainly play a key role in many of these teams. Summarize this task group and share key details with customers and the public shows your commitment to stay ahead of the crisis and actively seek solutions and next steps (J. Tracy, 2020).
For members of the task force, coronavirus pandemics may be an effective way of communicating accidents.

So don’t let the hard work go to waste. Instead of dismantling the task force when things started to go back to normal, they returned it as an emergency response team. Use team expertise to improve your response to the next crisis. Consider other media and communications training for members of the main task force. Managers need to be aware of this task force that must be more than just a communication strategy. The team you set up to manage this crisis must have the time and resources needed to drive a company’s management response to COVID-19 and what’s coming. (J. Tracy, 2020).

In addition, all organizations must form a team of different tasks for the needs and information of the coronavirus outbreak in your organization. This team must include all the key representatives of the organization, including human resources, supply chain, health, law, communications, safety and environment (HSE), and more. People appointed from the COVID-19 organization must communicate with companies and outsiders such as suppliers, investors, customers, the media and local governments for crisis use (Keijizer, 2020).

Being a person on duty is crucial to agreeing internally on what to say before the announcement is made to ensure that messaging will be consistent across different audiences. Therefore, a valid statement of consent may be required in the announcement for the person asking the question. So, a spokesperson can only answer the questions they know the answer to (Keijizer, 2020).

Refine Your Communication Channels

In addition to periodic updates from dedicated teams, most organizations have collected all information related to COVID-19 in a central repository. Any and all updates, policies and resources are easy to find and accessible at this center. In most cases, it can be posted on the company’s website, and all communications via email, social channels and others should refer to and link to it.(J. Tracy, 2020).

Also, as a lead party they use this hub by communicating in other ways they have used metrics. The technology is only tracked and updates are most viewed when accessed. As an employee, you should have time to read and respond to customer comments and sentiments. All of these analytics provide useful insights into what customers, employees and other people need in times of crisis. In addition, employees working in management need to identify and identify where seeking updates from the organization can improve the effectiveness of all communications to address management crisis (J. Tracy, 2020).

After that, employees in organizational management must identify concerns for all customers, patients, students, hotel guests and more. Employees also need to make sure that their customers in the organization have done everything they can to ensure that they provide the products and services they need and expect to receive consistently. In the event of delays in process management, time, replacement, etc. as the manager must ensure that the client is informed that no problems will occur. Therefore, customers will be aware of the steps your business has taken to protect them from viruses. In addition. can provide resources for additional online information, and let customers know how they can get answers to their questions.

Each organization should also consider the FAQs of the business questions your customers will ask or have completed the appropriate online hotline and keep in touch with your customers with the latest information, including once everything is back to normal. (Keijizer, 2020)

Therefore, the development of management within the organization can also enhance public communication with the use of social media such as facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Through this platform, organizations can proactively disseminate information to the public. Make sure your organization plans the information you want to convey. It is important for the public to understand the phase of the organization’s crisis first. Through social media, management needs to be aware of every single question posed on social media and strive to respond quickly. Therefore, management should express their concern by understanding the circumstances, attitudes and beliefs of the public. Alternative communication platforms need to be built immediately such as Telegram and Whatsapp applications that are accessible at any time. This is aimed at establishing bilateral communication with stakeholders (Ras, 2020).

Adapt Your Response Plan

Overall, coronavirus is almost impossible to anticipate and plan effectively. But it is possible to predict individual risks and business impact. Some organizations have also sought to create protocols for remote workplaces to ensure safety and to improve public health protocols in the interaction of workers or customers to avoid viruses (J. Tracy, 2020).

In addition, with the spread of coronavirus outbreaks, management within the organization expects changes in the industry or regulatory landscape on a daily basis. Organizations that deal with situations with their stakeholders and in their business continuity plans will be better prepared for future crises. However, this is not the only crisis that requires flexibility and adaptation to frequent change and update risk management plans (J. Tracy, 2020).

Subsequently, ongoing coronavirus outbreaks offer strong case studies for each organization to reflect on the preparation of risks in emergency management and response procedures. As this epidemic grows and continues, it is imperative for all organizations to be more prepared to face all kinds of risks in the future. (J. Tracy, 2020).
Organizations need to consider efforts to focus on empowerment, practices and compliance. This is because for people to understand the importance of adhering to practices such as good handwashing and hygiene to protect themselves and others, but being able to convey this importance in an accessible and friendly way through the mass media is crucial. Therefore, all parties should develop an order strategy and provide customer communication and communications for each audience. (Keijizer, 2020)

The next step in communicating is very important when regularly interacting with managers and employees is to keep them informed of current developments and what the company is doing to address COVID-19. Proper communication builds confidence while a lack of information or bad information can lead to distrust as they want authentic information. When it happens in an organization whose employees are tested to have a positive virus, they must tell the employee that they are related to them that they have been exposed to the virus at work. Together they will be careful to quarantine themselves (Keijizer, 2020).

Managerial Communication essay

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