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How to Conquer Fear Of Public Speaking

As a senior student in Suffolk University, I had many courses where I had been able to demonstrate my leadership skills, sometimes it was hard and I failed and other times I did great as a leader. In many classes, my professor has chosen me to be the leader of the group project, it put…




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We Do Not All Speak the Same English

“Just last week, as I was walking down the street with her, I again found myself conscious of the English I was using” (Tan 20). We do not all speak the same English is the argument Amy Tan has in “Mother Tongue”. This is a fascinating essay written about the life experiences the author went…



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Who’s Speak Palenquero Language?

The people of Colombia have a rich culture and are deeply rooted in their Spanish history. The country of Colombia was founded on July 20th, 1810 but before that Colombia was under an autonomous rule, it was known as the Kingdom of Grenada in 1499. During Spanish rule, Colombia overwent a period of colonization where…


Latin America,


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Benefits of Speaking in Two Languages

Learning a second language can be stressful, especially in college. Studying something completely new to a student while they are also studying for an upcoming math exam or history exam has the potential to create huge amounts of stress, but it also comes with its benefits. Learning a second language will admittedly be very time…




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Importance of Overcoming Fear to Speak up among Employees

It was creative and wonderful listening to Amy Edmondson’s talk on psychological safety relationship to motivation and accountability. She illuminate in very good way that motivation and accountability is the most important and its really important to understand but its equally important to free people up and really engage and not to be afraid of…




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Speak Two Language to be Success in Business

As the face of global business changes with generational change and thinking skills, so do languages used to communicate. From professional networking to transport and traveling, the business world requires business owners, and some companies require the employers to use different languages so as to scale up their companies. On that time most of the…




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Nonverbal Communication Skills in Negotiation

According to Nordquist (2019) nonverbal communication is the process of sending and receiving messages without using words either spoken or written. Negotiations are a process that is used for individuals when it comes to solving conflict, this allows them to compromise and come to an agreement that all parties involved will benefit from. To become…

Communication Skills,

Nonverbal Communication,


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Nonverbal Communication as a Form of Communication

Introduction Nonverbal communication is the process of communicating through sending and receiving message which is not encoded in words. It is also known as a two-way communication by sender and receiver. It includes facial expression, body language, gesture, and eye contact. It is also known as an effective form of communication which we send and…


Nonverbal Communication,


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Speaking Anxiety Among EFL Students’ University

Some studies discussed the similarities with this current study. The previous study of Mak (2011) conducted speaking-in-class anxiety with Chinese ESL learners. There were 313 of first year university students as participants. This study utilized the quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (semi structured interview, discussion, and participant observation) to collect the data. The result showed there…




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