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Immersion Journalism by Joan Didion and Hunter S. Thompson Summary

In Joan Didion’s “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” essay she emerges herself in the hippie movement, a look at the thousands of young people who flocked to San Francisco during the summer of 1967. Actually, the essay is an expression of Didion’s mournful and ironic worldview, her sense that the “center” of things, as in Yeats’s “The…


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Nine Principles of Journalism

The nine principles of journalistic standards were developed to act as guides to assist journalists in various complicated situations. These dilemmas include, but are not limited to, conflict of interest as well as situations of personal bias. Many journalists in the United States have led the forefront in implementing these principles and applying them to…

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Peace and War Journalism

In the present time, the political leadership in America is characterized by hostility and division. President Trump is viewed to be a reactive leader who encourages negative attitudes and conflict through his own social media platforms. Indeed, President Trump takes to Twitter whether he has something positive or negative to say, politically-correct or incorrect. One…




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Fake News and Journalism

The circulation of fake news in social media and President Trump’s attacks on media have increased people’s trust in reputable news brands which is affecting the journalist’s role as a watchdog in society. Journalism is beneficial and “… has always entertained as well as informed. Had it not done so, it would not have reached…

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Citizen Journalism: How Technology has Changed Reporting on Current Events

People used to have to wait for the newspaper to arrive or the nightly news to get information about what was going on in the world. Today, technology communicates news events ‘in real time,’ just moments after they happen. Technology also gives everyday citizens the opportunity to participate in journalism–they can post their own videos…


Social Media

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Yellow Journalism

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a new type of news created to increase newspaper profits emerged: Yellow journalism. Yellow journalism, false or misleading news designed to hook readers with their emotions using exaggerated or “tabloidized” stories. Although false or misleading news wasn’t new, it was especially harmful when given the reach of…

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Evolutions of Journalism Techniques

Ever since the concept of journalism exists, its goal is to shed light on news, current events, politics and entertainment. But with the advent of technology, which emerged in the last thirty years, traditional journalism is now slowly changing and its definition reshaped. As a result of these changes and shifts, uncertainties about what journalism…



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How To Be a Journalist

A journalist is an individual who collects and reports information promptly. Timing is very critical for a journalist. Whether writing for the periodicals or the newspapers, it is worth making sure that your articles are timely since the purpose is to keep the masses up to date through the news and events that affect them….



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Ethics of Journalism and Giving Disclaimers

The ethics of journalism have been set in place to ensure that this distinctive art of storytelling is done in a moral and fair manner. Additionally, it assures that the viewers/listeners are not involved in a scheme of deception. One of the numerous tenets that journalists are charged with adhering to is to “Gather, update,…



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How Technology Has Changed the Face of Journalism

Imagine a time before social media when every topic was spread verbally and not shared online. A time when it took 24 hours for a story to be written and published in newspaper. The newspaper would then have to get printed and delivered to the consumer. With the help of social media, people can deliver…


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