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Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication In Different Cultures

It could be seen that verbal communication and non-verbal communication are different around the world. The same word or gesture that is considered to be unharmful for some people may be offensive by others and can create negative effects and possibility damage colleague relationships. Misunderstanding can occur in the workplace where different cultures make various…


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Nonverbal Communication

Intercultural Communication and Stereotypes Removing

Intercultural communication is a study of cultural difference through communication and it occurs when large and important cultural differences create dissimilar interpretations and expectations about how to communicate competely (Myron W. Lustig, 2005). However, multiculturalism presents a huge challenge to intercultural communication (Bloomfield 2007). Therefore, it is important to learn about intercultural communication in order…


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Barriers in Cross-Cultural Communication

“Culture is the pattern of taken-for-granted assumptions about how a given collection of people should think, act, and feel as they go about their daily affairs” -Joynt & Warner, 1996 In modern-day changing business situation increasing number of firms extends their business overseas. Effective communication with people of various cultures is specifically challenging. Cultural consciousness…


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Effective Communication

Culture and Communication in South African Retail Industry

Culture is a particular knowledge and beliefs that members of a community have, which enable them to operate in a manner acceptable to the group. It is a system of shared beliefs, values, and customs. Essentially culture is central to the way we view, experience and engage with all aspects of our lives and the…


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South Africa

Culture and Communication in Contemporary Ways of Living

Intercultural communication is about stepping outside regular frames of reference and trying to understand other worldviews. The importance of relationship in intercultural communication is not about only looking at two individuals’ motivations, actions, and behaviors. A relationship has something unique that goes beyond the sum of two individuals. Considering encounter may be a global citizen,…


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Intercultural Communication of Korea

I would like to discuss about the culture of Korea as I like Korean culture the most. Korea is a region in East Asia. It has been divided between two distinct sovereign states, North Korea and South Korea since 1948. First, I would like to talk about intercultural communication. Intercultural communication is the verbal and…

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North Korea

Cross-Cultural Communication in Malaysia and Japan

This assignment is to examine and compare the methods of communication by people who have a different culture. Nowadays, people have been sorted into a different kind of culture by identifying their expectation of beliefs, norms, traditions, value systems, ideologies, etc. (The Business Communication, n.d.). The diversity of culture may lead to certain unintentionally misunderstanding….


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Cross-Cultural Communication in Professional Level

In nowadays business marketplace, effective communication plays a vital function in success of any commercial enterprise. So, move cultural communique cannot be underestimated or taken gently in any professional surroundings. Cross-cultural communication is a manner of exchanging thoughts, views and speak me in among the people from exclusive cultural history or from distinctive places. global…


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Perception and Verbal Communications in American Culture

Within our society we withhold many different cultures that all of us perceive differently through our language, communication, and social habits. However, even with all these cultural differences, we are still able to find similarities within each and every different culture. I was able to show similarities within our culture when I conducted an interview…

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United States

Importance of Communication in Context of Cultural Diversity in Business

Businesses are often concerned with cultural diversity as a part of their organization. Business institutions have become increasingly varied over the last few years and some are attempting to build multicultural organizations. Although diversity brings with itself performance and ambition to a system, it also is known to have connections with ethical conundrums. These might…


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Culture and Communication

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