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Importance of Dialogue in Human Life

Freire defines dialogue as a human phenomenon and notes that within the word, we find reflection and action with the reality that we need both to fully transform and understand reality. Dialogue present the opportunity for the process of reflection and action making social change possible. Freire contends that dialogue is necessary and is the…


Human Nature

Importance of Dialogue in Cinematograhy

The dialogue is a very important technique in the scene. As a possible example we can see his understanding of capitalism in the world. Both have at the beginning of the scene calm voices, and it changes to a harsher way where Louis answers as fast as a shot of a gun without looking away….


Importance of Theological Dialogue

Introduction Theological dialogue can be referred to as dialogue about the foundation of being itself, the Absolute, God. The foundation of the dynamics of dialogue lies at the root of the human being and is shown in the existential analysis of the human being himself, as modern philosophers have pointed out. It has been pointed…




Dialectic – The Socratic Dialogue 

There are few major schools of thought on dialectic, some more cohesive than others, but for the sake of a productive conversation, I will focus on the Socratic and Platonic formulation of dialectic, specifically, the Socratic dialogue as portrayed in Plato’s “Dialogues”. The necessity of good dialogue is based in the importance of truth and…

Decision Making,



Dialogue Is an Act of Love

Freire in the book argues that contemplating the world and taking concrete actions within the world is linked. It isn’t enough to talk out against oppression if people don’t fight it oppression, then those words are futile. Freire uses this idea of combined reflection and action in his discussions of liberation, praxis, and dialogue, because…



Interpersonal Communication

Role of Dialogue in Politics

States have discourse to settle clashes, structure unions, arrange bargains, improve financial relations, energize social and military trades, and for a wide range of purposes. Discourse exemplifies the wide structure of evolving standards, decorum, objectives, procedures, and courses of action. There are remote powers that control a few parts of arrangement, while different segments are…



Interreligious Dialogue

Introduction Human life is indeed filled with various events. Good or bad events, both of it which is must have a cause and through the process until the occurrence of the event. As reality, it must have a cause or reason, process, and outcome. That is also true peace, which many people have always dreamed…



Different Strategies in Dialogue

According to Brown and Levinson (1987), the bald on record strategy uses a direct method to convey messages without any minimisation to the imposition. Brown and Levinson (1987) states that if the speaker wants to apply FTA (Face Threatening Acts) to the maximum extent to where satisfying the hearer’s face is no longer greater, the…



Concept of Right Dialogue

There were a few parts of these readings that stood out to me. One example was early in the Nichols reading where the topic was focused on the dialogue in a conversation. When in a conversation, a person may bring up a story that they believe is empathetic to the other member of the dialogue…



The Melian Dialogue About War

The Melian Dialogue is a debate between the representatives of Melian and Athenian about the sovereignty of Melos. The arguments given by each representative side were of the own creation of Thucydides. Thus, Thucydides believes that the Athenians have the stronger argument. The Athenians question Melian’s actions, do the Melians act in the best way…

Ancient Greece,



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