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Car Accidents due to Automobiles Defects

In November 2004, Candice Anderson was driving her boyfriend, Gene Erickson to pick up his car. The couple was not wearing the seat belts, and air bags did not deploy when they got the accident, the car lost control and hit a tree. This incident killed Gene Erickson. After that, she was fined and charged…

Car Accident,



Change Management

Initiating and adapting to change can be overwhelming to a lot of people. People that are comfortable with certain processes or routines, do not like the thought of having to change everything up. A lot of organizations seek individuals who embrace change and make the best of it. Organizations take chances on projects that change…



Facebook User Bill of Rights

The Facebook User Bill of Rights stresses the importance of the user to be informed of the terms and conditions of their data. When creating your Facebook account, it should state the complete terms and conditions of the contract that is signed by the user upon creating the account is already obtainable in the Facebook…

Bill Of Rights,


Change is Necessary

The process of change is ever present in the business world. If a company does not change, it can falter. Imagine if Netflix had not changed their working model to the streaming service seen today or if certain stores such as Target, Kohl’s or Macy’s did not begin to offer the option to buy online…



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