The Issue of Dress Code for School

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Today in schools, dress code is the biggest issue between the board of officials and parents. Number of decisions have been made in favor of dress code for school at the request of parents. When it comes to the implementation of dress codes different parents have different reactions. It has sometimes being used as a political issue. One of the political party wants to keep dress code for school while other wants to completely abolish it. A dress code can be accepted if used in proper way and at proper place such as in universities where there is a need for dress code to maintain a more professional look and learning atmosphere. There should be a dress code for students due to number of reasons.

Today many public and private sector schools are making decision about dress codes and school uniforms. The students are sometimes wearing very casual outfits that is influencing their attitude towards study. Public schools are opening their eyes to the actual world and the impact of dressing on the educational career of a student. Many schools have banned clothing with irrelevant symbols and wordings. There is a negative effect of electronic media that now students are smuggling dangerous weapons, drugs and other illegal items in loose pants. Schools are taking serious action on such kind of stuff. Most of the schools have already taken away the privilege.

Some schools have banned any clothes with inappropriate symbols or sayings. Baggy wear is very dangerous. Schools are now even taking away the privilege of those clothes for the reason that weapons and other dangerous, illegal items may be smuggled in under loose pants, hats, shirts and jackets.

The cost of maintaining a stylish wardrobe can be expensive. Many families have more important things to spend their money on than the image of school children. The dress code may be a way to keep the costs of school down for those families. In some schools, there has even been fighting or stealing based on expensive sneakers or jewelry. There are many clothes in fashion for boys and girls which are not appropriate for school dress. Good taste and common sense should dictate parental and student choice of school clothes. The school will determine what is not appropriate dress, even if it conforms to current fashion. Also, school dress should not be viewed as a daily fashion show.

In this essay I had many compelling reason why there should be dress codes for students. I think that schools should have dress codes because it they can help people save money on other clothes such as brand name clothes, theses clothes can be very expensive and many kids steal them. Baggy clothes are very dangerous because students can carry guns or other illegal items into the schools. Many people are discriminated by what they wear but dress code doesn’t discriminate anyone. Some clothes are not appropriate for schools, such as clothes that have inappropriate symbols or sayings. And schools have already taken away the privilege.


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