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Middle Adulthood

Human development is the pattern of movement and change. There are different stages of development; however there is a difference in the stages based on cultures and life expectancy. Some things that make the differences between stages of development are cultural differences, personal differences, and historical events. One conflict that occurs in the development process…



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Late Adulthood and Aging

Abstract As the human being grows from one lifespan to another, several changes occur, influencing their social and emotional wellbeing. The process of aging among human being reaches to point where physiological, biological, and cognitive strategies decrease and the older individuals attain satisfaction with life and have higher level of emotional wellbeing. The process of…



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Emerging Adulthood among Latino Americans

Emerging adulthood is an a new and interesting time for college students in general, but college students who identify as Latinos have different expectations due their culture during this period in their lives. Emerging adulthood is a new stage of development in between adolescence and adulthood from eighteen to twenty five, it consists of five…



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Career Development in Emerging Adulthood  

Transitioning from your youth into adulthood is a very peculiar moment in life, with it bringing new beginnings and experiences along with it, such as choosing a career you’ll go into for your adult life. In the article, they examine socialization processes and experiences that may have influence in emerging adults’ career development. (Arnett, 2004;…



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My Lifespan Development from Emerging Adulthood till Late Adulthood

During my emerging adulthood years, I made the decision to get a college degree and stayed close friends with Alex and made a new friend in college, Sarah. I also exercised and ate well and consulted with a doctor every now and again. I believe these choices made the most impact on my life. I…


Emerging Adulthood

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As We Grow Older Does Our Personality Change?

That is what I decided to do my research paper on. I would assume that as we age that our personalities could be affected by what we are going through. There have been studies on the issue of personality stability in early and middle adulthood, but few have looked at the very old, who are…


Personal Growth,


Personality Traits

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Identity, Sense Of Belonging, Loss, and Connection In The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye is a publication with reference to “Comin’ Thro the Rye,” with Holden Caulifield as the main Character longing to reserve the innocence of juvenile. Furthermore, the novel also deals with complex subjects of identity, sense of belonging, loss, and connection. It was written and published in 1951 by J.D Salinger….


Catcher in the Rye,


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Adults, Video Games Included

Many types of entertainment exist as awards to relax. Some examples are playing sports, drawing and video games, and each of them have a share of stereotypes, especially video games. Some stereotypes about video games are “Gamers are young males,” “Gamers are lazy,” “Gamers are socially akward” (Lee). These are some of the common myths…


Video Games

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Benefits of Community Service for Older Adults

Volunteering is appealing since it values people’s lives and benefits to society. According to some researches, a lot of individuals from different age scales engage in volunteering activities. Variable motives can cause to become a volunteer. Some motivations such as enhanced sense of purpose, personal growth, and continued productivity lead older adults to become a…


Community Service,



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The Character Holden in The Catcher in the Rye

The Catcher in the Rye is a novel written by Jerome David Salinger. The novel was published in 1951. It is an iconic arguable typical American novel about an existence of coming of age. The novel is a young adult fiction about a 16-year old Holden Caulfield who recently got expelled from Pencey prep school…


Catcher in the Rye

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