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Critical Analysis of Virginia Beach’s Transportation Infrastructure

Pages 4 (816 words)


If the purpose of a transportation system is to move goods, people, services, and other items safely from Point A to Point B in a timely manner, does Virginia Beach’s transportation system do this? In a short answer; no. While road congestion is not a problem that can be eradicated with current technology it can…

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How Сomputing Сan Be Used For The Growth Of Film Industry?

Pages 5 (1 196 words)

Computer Science


Abstract This report is about how computing helped to the film industry. Simply behind the scenes of a film. Directors, editors , producers spend months or even years to film a masterpiece. ICT ease their work. They face various barriers. Computing helped them. By using various computer aided cameras, AI cameras, slow motion cameras,AR cameras…

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Positive and Negative Effects of Globalization

Pages 5 (1 020 words)





Globalization is a growing interdependence of the world’s economies, culture, and populations brought about by cross-border trade in goods services, technology, and flow of investment, people and information. Countries have built an economic partnership to facilitate these movements over many centuries. Our world today is becoming much more globalized than it has been at any…

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Time Management in Hotel Industry

Pages 4 (818 words)

Career Goals


Time Management

In every organization time management is very important, it has a lot of positive impact on every individual in all departments, in the hotel industry. Time is very precious, it is a resource that we can’t buy or sell and is one of the scarcest and most precious resources available to a supervisor. The term…

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“Fast Fashion” in Fashion Industry Argumentative Essay

Pages 2 (455 words)



The fashion industry has largely changed to “fast fashion”, a model that provides cheap, rapidly changing, accessible and disposable clothing. Fast fashion is a term used by fashion retailers to copy or make similar designs from catwalks quickly to capture current fashion trends. The industry mass produces clothes in a matter of weeks, the clothes…

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Impact of Technology on Fashion Opinion Essay

Pages 8 (1 900 words)




Introduction The clothing and textile industry, like many other industries have been forced to adapt to change and go along with technology. A lot is changing in the industry which extends to the fashion bit of it that has also been triggered to change. Technology according to (Wortmann & Flüchter, 2015), has penetrated into areas…

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Automotive Industry in Ethiopia

Pages 3 (660 words)



The automobile industry is the dominant manufacturer in the world. Including all downstream and upstream activities, the automotive industry accounts for 5-10% global value addition (Traub-Merz, 2017). Globally, over 500 million passenger cars are registered and the number is expected to triple by the year 2030 (Traub-Merz, 2017). Similar to the other manufacturing industries, automotive…

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Meat Production Industry and Animal Welfare Research Paper

Pages 5 (1 136 words)

Animal Welfare



The controversy over the meat production industry has been a long debated subject that no one really knows the answer to. People suggest that meat production industries should go on because not all Americans can become vegetarians. They say meat is needed in the world, and it should go on. Other people say that the…

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Means of Individualization in the Fashion Industry

Pages 11 (2 616 words)



Over the last decades, the fashion industry becomes more and more popular and important, especially, among women. For almost every second woman buying designer clothes or a handbag is a pleasure. The fashion industry is one of the most sought-after and large industries in the world. In the field of intellectual property, fashion remained in…

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Challenges and Strategies of Malaysian Automotive Industry Analytical Essay

Pages 21 (5 116 words)



Introduction The automotive industry forms a main pillar to the global economy (Mohd Fuzi, Habidin, & Ong, 2018) as one of the important economic sectors (Mathivathanan, Kannan, & Haq, 2018; Othman et al., 2016; Habidin et al., 2015) and play a leading role in a country’s industrialization (Abdul Aziz, Jaafar & Suraya, 2014). With the…

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