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What Do You Need to Survive

She had walked for over a week and a half, surviving leeches and other insects in order to reach safety. (Gonzales, 326). Survival isn’t a normal situation. Survivors are often reminded of things they take for granted, like food, a place to rest your head, and well-being. Survivors often times find themselves completing tasks they…




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How to Survive through a War

Have you ever wondered about how people live through a war? If a war is heading near, then this is the right text to read. This text includes important information like how to fortify homes, how to make an escape plan, and how to prepare a survival kit. Imagine being in the middle of gun…




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War and Neutral in Serbian Survival

There are many different methods states can employ for survival. War, alliances, and even maintaining neutrality can all be methods of survival. Serbia as used all of these since its emergence as an independent state in 1878. One of the preferred ways Serbia has survived as a state is war. This was evident in the…



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Elie, The Holocaust Survivour

The Holocaust was a terrible time in which many people were discriminated against, specifically Jews. Elie was a young teenager (around the age of fifteen) when his life began to take a turn for the worst. Before the Holocaust, Elie was very determined, loyal and religious. Although, he begins to change. Elie had strong determination….


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Survival Plan Because of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are bound to happen and could happen at any time. It is important to have a plan on standby in case one is to happen. Things such as weather and safety, an emergency shelter, a safe room, or to evacuate are all important factors to take in when planning for a potential natural…

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