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Supporting Life After Death Deprivation of the Value of Death

For many of those who support the idea of ​​prolonging life, death deprives life of meaning, and does not create meaning in our lives. Destroying a lifetime with its accumulated experience and wisdom, death leads to a sense of the meaninglessness of life. Some supporters of the idea of ​​the appropriateness of death argue that…


Social Inequality,

Value of Life

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What the Value of Life

Is life just about avoiding pain or is there something more. In Steve Jobs 2005 commencement address at stanford university Jobs attempts to inspire the graduating students by providing his perspective on the value of life. Jobs makes the claim that death is likely the single best invention of life jobs 2005 although a bit…

Value of Life,


Values of Life

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Creepers Don’t Care About the Value of Life or Other People’s Lives

I woke up bright and early. It is 0500 here in my military camp. It was a regular day. I ate breakfast and began doing push-ups and target shooting for the ongoing war against the creepers. My Squad and I along with our Lieutenant were walking out when we got a radio transmission from a…



Value of Life

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A Movie That Makes You Appreciate Life

It’s A Wonderful Life is a timeless story that teaches the lesson of redemption and a person’s importance to the world. It may have been filmed in 1946 but there are moments that any modern family can associate with. Although it wasn’t intended to be a Christmas movie, I believe most families do watch it…



Value of Life

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Logotherapy in Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

Logotherapy comes from the Greek word logos which means meaning . It focuses on the theory that man 5 primary motivational force is to find meaning. In Victor Frankl 5 book Man’s search for meaning he describes this theory. This theory and therapy developed from Frankl s experiences in a NaZI concentration camp, Frankl states…

Man'S Search For Meaning,

Value of Life

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