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Three Schools of Capitalist Economy

The three schools of thought on how capitalist economies work within a given society can be broken down into three categories: Keynesian economics, Classical/Neoclassical, and Marxian. Keynesian being a form of structuralism where individual’s behavior is a result of how the economy operates. Classical/Neoclassical being a form of humanism where what happens in an economy…




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Are Banks Special?

This week’s material contained some interesting aspects directly related to Macroeconomics. One of the most important ones being Money and Banking. Monetary tools like cowry shells have changed and evolved over the years. From using different foods or gold to trade to paper money and coins. Is evident that the next generations will also make…





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Difference between Macroeconomics and Microeconomics

Basically, economics is divided into two parts named as microeconomics and macroeconomics. In microeconomics we learned about internal sector of a business how we can have managed and organized in that way we can easily achieved our mind set target goals. Moreover, it also involves some total of all economics activity. On the other side,…



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Italy and Macroeconomy

History of Italy Italy was one of the most popular European destination where many travelers decided to go due to its history. The history is important to understand so one can see how the country evolved over the years. According to the website History, before Italy was independent, it was divided into different parts. Each…




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Macroeconomic: Tariffs and the Aggregate Supply and Demand

Introduction The Presidential nominee Donald Trump made a big deal about tariff’s and how the tariffs from other countries are affecting the US economy. A tariff is a tax on imported and exported goods, as a source of revenue (Berstein, J., 2018). As companies importing goods into the country face higher tariffs, the prices for…


Supply and Demand

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