Understanding the Issues and Working with Transgenders 

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This article contains why a demographic deserving of consideration is the LGBT community. Second, collecting data on is a hard community, because of the stigma associated with being gay. Many people do not identify as “gay” or “lesbian” because they address the stigma associated with such groups; they tend to classify themselves as “homosexual” or “same-sex attractions.”The transgender community is even more difficult because transgender is the umbrella term. The word can be used to identify transsexuals, cross dressers, and men and women who are considered to be atypical in gender. According to the report, transgenders were around 20 per cent more likely than other members of the LGB community to experience physical abuse. . Most anti-LGBT harassment is actually rooted in gender nonconformity, which is what makes it even harder for transgenders. For people of color, it’s even worse, as well as those in poverty.

This article focuses primarily on factors which affect color trans people. The research attempted to investigate these factors (biological transition problems, self-identity, HIV, etc.) primarily in trans people of color, including adolescents and adults of multiple ethnic minorities. This research was qualitative, so many of the findings are hypothetical. The description of the I is an example of this . There’s also a lot of talk about job prospects, safe accommodation, sex trafficking, drugs, HIV and mental health. Overall, this study concluded that much more research is required in society on how we were taught to understand and view trans identities and experiences. It is a fascinating article as it delves into the intersection of race and being transgender and how many particular variables in one’s life experience are influenced by these overlapping identities. I was quite impressed by the diversity of races included in the report, beyond the categories of white and black, but also Asian and Latinx. Ultimately, this report does an outstanding job of breaking down the big areas where health providers can use these groups to educate and improve the treatment. One important point is that while this article did not specifically study or discuss trans people in sex work, a study of trans people of color found that sex work, substance use, HIV, and other factors are central to them This contributes to the overall topic as it discusses the different needs that exist uniquely for this community.

Milan focuses on how transgender people are more prominent in society, and more media coverage. States enact laws that require transgender people to join gender-specific sports teams and use facilities based on their own gender identity, not what is declared on their birth certificate. He explains how our gender is chosen in terms of how others see our bodies. Milan puts it incredibly best when he puts, “Sex is a continuum of self-identification, not some universal fact dictated by anyone else.” For others, they’re sure they know they’re male or female, but for others, it’s a far more fluid definition with so much more. Tiq Milan is senior national news media director at The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. This clearly shows us he is well versed on the gender identity issue. When assessing fair and accurate representation of transgender people, he partners with different media outlets, and has been working closely with the LGBT community of New York City for the past decade. That’s just one move for Milan. I certainly see his point of view and appreciate how people should be able to define their own gender based on how they feel inside. No one else knows how you feel more than yourself, or what you feel. It does not seem fair to tell you what you are based on the expectations that someone else has set for you, because you know who you are and what you are inside of you. Apart from that, with only 2 options we are given when it comes to gender, that certainly leaves out a lot of people who identify differently.

Evidence shows that juveniles who identify as lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender have more depressive symptoms than those who identify as heterosexual. Forty per cent of young people who identify as LGBT reported feeling “sad” or “hopeless.” Research shows that there are higher rates of emotional distress among young people in the LGBT community. More evidence has shown that juveniles in the group are twice as likely to enter . As part of the LGBT community, an adolescent can have negative experiences in their community. Youth may be exposed to rejection or social discrimination. Verbal and physical abuse can occur because the community outside of LGBT cannot accept same-sex relations. Bullying is more likely to occur within the community. Anti-homosexual overtones can diminish the attitude of an adolescent within the LGBT community. From a database in Washington D.C., 31% percent of LGBT adolescent experienced bullying compared to 17% of heterosexual youth. Studies show that youth of the LGBT community experience more emotional distress than heterosexual youth. LGBT youth deserve fairness.

According to the report, “adolescents are looking for identity as much as they are looking for an atmosphere in which they can express their identity”.  According to the author, Youtube is the perfect setting for this, because it is a medium for creative work and identity issues. The article also includes research that points to children being more conscious of their gender identity at an early age than commonly believed, as evidence suggesting that young people need a way to express themselves artistically, the medium being YouTube. Youtube helps trans youth to find ways to convey their gender identity themselves and make them feel as if they matter. Finally, the more trans youth articulate themselves, the more people can see them, debunking past myths. Since most school kids use Youtube, this is a perfect way to make students less bigoted at colleges.

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