Mental Treatment Is Unethical for Transgender People

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Many people agree and disagree that transgender people should require mental treatment, how are transgender people mental health affected by treatments and people? Is important in order to be informed and help transgender people feel more accepted, to start making changes that will make transgender people be more supported by the community and for a better future for transgender individuals. I’m researching on the ethical lens in order to know the experiences that transgender people must go through, the factors that influence their perspectives, and the treatments they receive or are required. To know the negative impacts that transgender people get affected the most.

Transgender People

The main argument is to inform of how transgender people determine sexual orientation and the distress of their mental well-being, and cross-sex hormones use. From the article “There’s no one ‘gay gene, ‘but genetics are linked to same-sex behaviors, now study says.” By Lindsey Bever. According to Andrea Gama, a lead author and European Molecular Biology Laboratory Groups argues that is ‘’a natural part of our diversity as a species.’’ (2019) It’s true because there’s no gene that determines a person sexual orientation, but genetics and environment play a part on it. DNA gives clearly connection with sexual behavior.

From the source “Conversion therapy associated with severe psychological distress, in transgender people, study says.” By Lindsey Bever. William Byne, a professor of clinical psychiatry at CUVC of physicians and surgeons argues that conversation therapy is harmful.(2019) Because 27,000 transgender adults’ responses of people go to undergone therapy are most likely to attempt suicides than people that never went, 70% have spoken to a professional and 20% they had conversation therapy which have higher possibilities of several psychological distress, including suicidal thoughts. From the source “Cross-sex hormone use, function health and mental well-being among transgender men (Toms) and transgender women(kathoeys) in Thailand.” By Gooren Louis argues that the Thomas E. Guadamuz ,was found by the U.S national institute of mental health. Which concluded the study on cross-sex hormones, mental well-being among 60 transgender women (kathoeys) and 60 transgender men (toms) on concerning of the use of cross-sex hormones, mental well-being, and acceptance. (2015) Is concluded by telling mental affects that has on transgender people and their behavior which can be positive or negative impact.

The main argument is that transgender people are not getting support for surgeries and being denied of not having therapy which make changes for treatments, From the article ‘’ W.H.O weighs dropping transgender identity from list of mental disorder,’’ by the author Pam Belluck a psychology Godfrey Reed, argues that “the intention is to reduce barriers to care.” (2016) Which most of transgender people are told to have mental disorders which is not good because, makes them feel different and drives them away which it makes them see not being accepted completely for being who they are.

The author Matt Apuzzo from the article ‘’ Transgender inmates hormone treatment lawsuit gets justice dept.’’ argues that the justice department prohibiting new hormone treatment for transgender inmates in Washington, (2015) the justice department has avoided the question if hormone treatment for transgender inmates is necessary, for example Ashley Diamond 36 sued by Georgia department of corrections, saying prison officials stop her female hormone treatment therapy which the polices are supposed to allow inmates receive any new treatment. From the article ‘’ Insurance in New York must cover gender reassignment surgery, Cuomo says.’’ by the author Anemona Hartollis. Which the expert Andrew M.coumo argues on warning insurance companies that can’t deny their clients that need support for insurance coverage, (2014) it’s telling on how Lee, Albertorio after serving in Air Force began to take hormones and change his passport to reflect he was a male, which wanted to have a mastectomy which is a top surgery but his insurance company denied the request because it’s consider a cosmetic surgery that shows that companies only want money, which it changes things in New York and becoming the 9th state require coverage. It’s connected by explaining how transgender people need to have surgeries requirements, the type of issues that they must deal with, and how are they being treated by people or places.

The main argument is that transgender people not being treated fairly and that are required taking therapy when nothing is wrong with them, but people think different of them. From the source “Effects of Testosterone Treatment and Chest Reconstruction Surgery on Mental Health and Sexuality in Female-To-Male Transgender People.” by Samuel A. Davis, Colton Meier argues the effects of testosterone treatment with or without chest reconstruction surgery the mental health in females to male transgender people, (2014) In the U.S. surgery is based on the various factors that involve construction with mental health and medical to inform the effects of testosterone CRS, which 57 percent of participants taking testosterone and 40 percent had undergone therapy Chest reconstruction surgery. Are necessary to know the symptoms of anxiety and depression, feeling of anger, and body satisfaction.

The author Marsh, Amy of the article ‘’The fatal effects of transphobia.’’ argues that how all trans and gender variety people are attack with discrimination and violence only because of their gender expression, (2018) it’s a negative impact because it affects their lives by increasing suicide rates by 30% and 50% are suicidal attempts which harm themselves on daily basis, transgender people need help by having a better life with kindness and professional assistance. In the article ‘’In striving for LGBTQ rights in Russia psychology and society.’’ by Lunin Igor, argues how took him 45 years to share on dealing with L.G.B.T.Q rights and community perspectives which help him to become a professional ethics for phycologists to help transgender and LGBTQ people, and also Julie Dorf from the article ‘’ The shifting global terran of L.G.B.T.Q. rights,’’ by Thanya Mohn argues how in Belize same sex- intimacy experience hostility and even death threats, (2018 & 2017) it’s true because it says how Igor share his experiences and what he went through has L.G.B.T.Q rights person and became a psychologist to help other people don’t deal with bad treatment. In Azerbaijan in 2017 , the police conduct a violent campaign arresting and torturing transgender women and about 80 men presume to be gay, there’s still 72 countries same-sex-sexual activity is criminalized as even death penalty, no laws protect transgender and L.G.B.T.Q people. The problem that transgender people face the most is being treated bad, not having support and protection because of whom they are, which is a normal thing and does not change anything and are the same has anyone else.


What are the negative impacts that transgender people get affected the most is not being treated like everyone else and not having support, transgender people are being affected mentally because some treatments they are taking are not required? A solution could be to start changing people’s opinions towards transgender people and make new laws that can protect them against discrimination or violent treats, if they want to acquire a surgery they should be allow to and support by their insurance companies.


Given to all the authors from all resources are strong and supportive about, how are transgender people mental health affected by treatments and people? Most of the people all around the world are starting to accept more transgender people. For example, both authors discuss that transgender people require hormone treatment which the author Gooren, Louis agrees in “Cross-sex hormones use, functional health and mental well-being among transgender men (Toms) and transgender women (kathoeys) in Thailand.” The main reason for taking hormone therapy is because of poor parental acceptance by showing informative data from the study of Thomas E. Guadamuz, which also the author Pam, Belluck of “W.H.O weights dropping transgender identity from list of mental health disorders.” Agrees that wants to help transgender people and not treat their transgender identity has a mental problem but need more support to do so, which been prove by their study’s that is not a mental problem and people exaggerate more than what really is. Another example that discuss transgender health is the author Tanya, Mohn of “The shifting global terrain of L.G.B.T.Q rights.” agrees that transgender people should be treated equally but there are places that don’t fully accept which now more people are trying to change by making laws to protect transgender people and even stop the death penalty or violent treats against. The author Matt Apuzzo of “Transgender inmate’s hormone treatment lawsuit gets justice dept” agrees that there should be more laws that allows inmates to take the treatment that are good and get new expanding treatments no matter the position they are in life. All authors give many different reasons why transgender people should not be treated bad and how it affects them which all agree on the same topic.

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